Venous Thrombo Embolism or Deep vein thrombosis

One of the commonest side effects with major surgeries. Risk is extremely high when patients undergo general anesthesia.

Best prognostic value is in the padua score.

This is the main reason why I recommend Tummituck procedure only when the patient has taken away all the fat from the abdomen and has come down to the ideal weight. The risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis has been zero with all the surgical procedures I have performed so far due to these precautions.  We only perform liposuction of one major area of the body in one sitting.  Even very heavy patients with other co-morbid conditions such as hypertension or diabetes can undergo liposuction safely as long as these conditions are under control.  It is almost ironic that most patients dont know that hypertension and diabetes are lifestyle diseases which can mostly be cured with out diet and detoxing treatments.