Vitamin K2 Essential for antiageing


Vitamin K2 Menaquinone for antiageing

Dr Nimal Gamage, MBBS, MD

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Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone)

    MK4 found in grass fed animal food

    MK7 found with Natto

    Gut bacteria makes MK5-MK7

    Carboxylate Osteocalcin and Matrix Glia Protein MGP

    Prevent calcification of soft tissue

    Calcification causes cell death and ageing

K2 facts

    Mostly stored in pancreas, salivary glands sternum and brain.

    MGP Matrix Glia Protein is activated  by K2

    MGP made by bones kidney lung heart cartilage and vascular smooth muscle.

    Require A and D3 for production.


Vitamin A and D and K2 Work closely

     Beta Carotene is converted to Vitamin
A in the body. Best taken by natural sources.

     Retinol needed for immunity and bones and teeth

     Lack of it cause dry skin, thin hair, brittle nails, dry eyes

     tall myopic, lanky people with crowded teeth and poor bone structure are seen with A deficiency


    Both d3 and A are needed for production from osteoblasts and odontoblasts

    Main hormone involved in depositing Ca into the bones.

    Required for sperm production and survival and production of testestorone.

    Increase insulin secretion and sensitivity to insulin,


     Prevents cancers of lung liver stomach, breast, brain, nose, throat and mouth and leukemia

     Converts leukemia cells into mature white blood cells

     Prevents Alzheimers

     Prevents facial wrinkles

     Strengthens bones and teeth

     Prevents calcification of arteries and heart valves.

Other important functions

    Needed for beautiful lower face of a baby

    K2 essential for non calcification of the growing cartilage.

    Lack of it in the first trimester cause Maxillonasal Hypoplasia

    Brain stores K2

    High K2 reduced cancer deaths by 30 percent (European Studies)

child on left first bone without K2, on the right with K2 correction

Bone Problems

     K2 deficiency causes thin and longer bones. (Why children are taller with K2 deficiency)

     Also causes narrow pelvis leading to pregnancy issues.

     By 18 years in girls and 30 yrs in girls 90% of maximum bone strength is acquired. Bones grow in size and density up to age 30

Teeth issues

     Enamel is largely formed in the womb.

      Dentin continues to form throughout life.

     Dentin produces osteocalcin and MGP.

Tooth Decay

    K2 D3 and Magnesium provide the best protection.

    These decrease mouth bacteria (streptococcus and lactobacillus)

    Do not eat phytic acid (in Grains and removed by soaking)


Gum Disease

    Lack of K2, D3 and magnesium

    More gum disease=higher mortality with heart disease higher heart disease and higher strokes