We all need Extra Magnesium

Magnesium is included in more than 325 enzymes of our body. A lot of these enzymes are involved with energy. Medical students know about ATP which is vital for energy. Mg is part of this ATP.  Magnesium is vital for nerve function, activity of the heart, controlling blood pressure, muscle function, bone strength, prevention of heart arrhythmia and also prevention of seizures and convulsions. It is essential for male and specially the female sexual function.

Today most of our food has decreased amounts of magnesium. Around 1900 people ate about 500mg of magnesium daily. That amount has come down to about 200mg daily now due to depletion of magnesium from the farm lands.  Farming with It is so important for us to take magnesium daily. I recommend that we add 1/4 to 1/8 of our salt intake as epsom salt to fulfill this magnesium need. There are a wide variety of medical conditions where magnesium supplementation will help. The list is long and includes these conditions.

anxiety and panic attacks. 
Blood Clots
Detoxification.  Magnesium removes Aluminium and lead)
DM (enhance insulin secretion, Facilitating sugar metabolism
Heart disease, Angina
kidney Disease
Migraine. Serotonin goes down when you are deficient in magnesium. 
Musculoskeletal conditions, Fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, eye twitches, cramps chronic neck and back pain
Nerve Problems
PMS, Dysmenorrhea. 
Osteoporosis.  Not enough to supplement vit D
Treat raynauds
Teeth decay.

Some of the common medications such as pain killers, diuretics, antibiotics and steroids can remove magnesium from the body.  Western Medicine has focused too much on Calcium and has ignored the importance of magnesium. Our heart and brain has a lot of magnesium.  Amount of magnesium in our cells are about 10000 more than calcium.  Magnesium is our natures calcium blocker. 65% of the body magnesium is contained in bone and teeth.  Whole grains have more magnesium.
Fluoride binds magnesium making an insoluble compound. Tannic acid and fluoride in tea prevents magnesium absorption.  Oxalic acid in spinach and phytate in seeds and grains also make magnesium insoluble.  When people take medicine for gastritis magnesium absorption is lower.
Today most cases of gastritis are caused by sugar intake and animal protein consumption.
Calcium increases ageing and degeneration of the brain. These include alzheimers, parkinsons and dementia. This degenerative effect of calcium is higher if magnesium is deificient. With low magnesium calcium deposits in soft tissues causing kidney stones, arterioscleoris and atheresclerosis. Cooking vegetables removes oxalic acid and soaking grains removes phytic acid.
Several drugs cause magnesium deficiency, These include, diuretics, bronchodilators, BC, insulin, digitalis, steroids, cocaine, Nicotine.
Magnesium depends on thiamine (Vit B1) to enter the cells. Selenium helps the function of magnesium. After a heart attack when intravenous magnesium is given risk of death decreased by 55 percent. Most panic attacks are caused by low magnesium. Stress depletes magnesium from the body. Even a loud noise can be stressful for our body and can deplete magnesium up to three days.  Lack of magnesium causes depression which is increasing at an alarming rate since the world war 2. Magnesium is your best protection from pesticides, insecticides, food additives, solvents and clearning products we encounter daily in our life. Most migraines can be managed by increasing dietary magnesium. Low magnesium causes blood clots in tiny blood vessels leading to migraine. Usually migraines are worsened with alcohol, diuretics, stress, and menstrual periods. Magnesium supplementation can reduce migraines by about 80 percent. When people take alcohol it blocks absorption of Magnesium.
Magnesium deficiency causes sudden cardiac deaths in healthy athletes. Athletic performance improves wih magnsesium supplementation. When magnesium is low calcium rushes into cells causing cell death. High magnesium intake decreases the risk of strokes. Magnesium lowers LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and raises good cholesterol ( HDL)  C reactive protein is more predictive of heart disease than cholesterol.
Magnesium supplementation is one of the best treatments for premenstrual syndrom. It reduces breast pain by 95%, Nervous tension by 89%, and headaches by 43%. All pregnant women should take extra magnesium.  It reduced cerebral palsy by 90 percent and mental redartion by about 70 percent. Sugar and soda both increase magnesium elimination from the body.  Kidney stones are increased when a diet high in sugar, alchohol, coffee or meat is taken. Vegetarians have a 40-60 percent less risk of kidney stones. Mg increases microbe killing activity of WBC over 120 percent. Centenarians are found to have higher body magnesium levels.  Magnesium is a major antioxidant of the body and is found to raise the cellular levels of the master antioxidant Glutathione. Magnesium is very important for memory function. Magnesium eliminates mercury accumulated from eating fish, dental amalgams, and flu shots. Magnesium also eliminates aluminum. Pumpkin seeds, Cashews and rice bran contain a lot of magnesium.