Weight Loss Guidelines


Height Ideal Weight in Kg
4'5" 40
4'6" 41.5
4'7"` 43
4' 8" 44.61
4' 9" 46.22
4' 10" 47.85
4' 11" 49.52
5 51
5'1" 52.93
5'2" 54.68
5'3" 56.46
5'4" 58.26
5'5" 60'1
5'6" 62
5'7" 63.85
5'8" 65.75
5'9" 67.72
5'10" 69.7
5'11" 71.7
6 73.74
6'1" 75.80
6'2" 77.89
6'3" 80.01
6'4" 82.16
6'5" 84.34
6'6" 88.5

    Obesity is caused by wrong foods. Wrong foods for humans are mainly Animal foods ( Dairy, Meat, fish and eggs) , sugar, MSG, Aspartame and other added toxins in the diet. Obesity is one of the commonest reason why people die early today.  Obesity causes many medical problems.


If you are already obese or overweight and wants to get into your best shape liposuction is needed to remove ugly fat collection in Abdomen, Upper and lower back, underarm, outer and inner thighs and under the chin and jowls area. When an overweight person loses weight the skin over the stomach, back, underarms and thighs as well as chin can get very loose otherwise.

Above are results obtained after liposuction on the right side and the fat collections on the left. According to University of Washington Study 1 in 50 die during surgery.1 in 10 die if the surgeon is inexperienced. On the otherhand liposuction is so safe and I have performed over 12000 liposuctions without any deaths or complications.

Above is the nornmal anatomy on the left and how the gastric bypass is performed on the right. A surgeon needs at least 100 cases for minimum experience. Complications includeInfection, hemorrhage, hernia, venous thromboembolism, bowel obstruction, Leakage, obstruction or ulcer at the site of anastomosis, Dumping syndrome (very uncomfortable 30 min after a meal). Severe nutritional deficiencies occur following gastric bypass surgery. Ca, Iorn, Zn Deficiency, Thiamine and B12 Deficiency Protein malnutrition Vitamin A deficiency, Folate Deficiency.  After the gastric bypass the life becomes a living hell due to the very high percentage of people who suffer from side effects.

All the good results of gastric bypass comes from weight loss.
But the long term nutritional deficiencies continue with gastric bypass. Long term mortality is expected from malnutrition. It is much better to lose weight with lipo followed by diet/exercise.

After a gastric bypass surgery people lose weight very rapidly and end up getting very loose skin all over the body. All the good results of gastric bypass comes from weight loss.But the long term nutritional deficiencies continue with gastric bypass.
Long term mortality is expected from malnutrition.
Much better to lose weight with lipo followed by diet/exercise

Severe aging occurs in the face with wrinkles and skin laxity,
Severe skin laxity with wrinkles in abdomen, back, arms and thighs
Many cutting surgeries are requires if correction of above is needed

Best approach for a overweight person is to remove all ugly external fat before starting the weight loss.
Do liposuction of abdomen, under arms, thighs, chin and lower face,
The skin can only go tight with liposuction, not with diet and exercise.

Avoid all animal foods, Dairy, Meat, Fish and Eggs,
Avoid all kinds of sugars, Including Fruits,
Avoid other toxins like MSG and Aspartame.

At least once a day eat a raw vegetable salad with lime, pepper and olive oil. Only use coconut oil for stir frying vegetables. Do not eat deep fried vegetables. Avoid soya products.
Do aerobic exercises about 15 min daily.

Never use Orlistat or Ali, Causes severe side effects such as
Oil spotting, flatus with anal discharge, gall stones, fecal incontinence, tooth disorder, gingival disorder, diarrhea vomiting,
Other many rare side effects.

Many medical drugs caused heart problems in the past and had been discontinued.
Always be cautious about new drugs.
All western medical drugs are toxins.

Red raspberry ketones, Phenyl alanine, and Tyrosine are the best supplements for weight loss.
Available from my office.
Vit B12 injections once a week.
Resveratrol and glutathione injections helps and aids in antiageing.
Combine with proper diet and aerobic exercise can lose 2kg per month.

Read my above book for more information. call +94772300454 to obtain the book.

Dr Nimal Gamage recommends this diet for anybody wishing to lose weight, slow down ageing, prevent cancer, heart disease and most of the other diseases.

  Before all meals eat a carot, piece of cabbage and tomato without any dressings. Then eat the regular meals

Then have some cooked vegetables. Rice and Coconut Sambol.  Or other cooked food.

Cabbage, Carrot Bell Peppers, Tomatoe, Cucumber, Radishes  broccoli Cauliflower  snake gourd,  Spinach, Gotukola, kankun, beet root, Take at least 3 of the above vegetables. (for antiaging and weight loss)  (If you an athlete and need extra protein mix the above with kadala mung or red kidney beans or cowpee)

Eat two handfulls of vegetables. Always one handfull of rice or other grains, Palm full of nuts only. Nuts have a lot of calores.
After raw vegetables you can have rice, potatoes, Kadala, Mung, Yams, (whole grains or starchy vegetables). Always eat some fresh coconut in the morning.

Lunch eat Rice and Vegetables. (it is ok to cook vegetables.)

Use coconut oil only for all cookings. It is the only healthy oil but donít fry with it.


Rice and vegetables.  

No sugar or beverages with sugar. Avoid fruits.  especially bananas, mangoes, pinneapples, dates, or dried fruits. (Fructose is poisonous leading to heart disease, cancer, strokes, Diabetes)

No animal proteins (Causes heart disease cancer, strokes, Ageing.

No meat no chicken  no eggs no Milk yogurt, curd or cheese or Fish.

Vitamin B12 injection once a month for maintainance. 500/ per injection.  Vitamin D3 daily in the morning 1000/ month. Do not take any other vitamins.  Additional supplements will be prescribed if needed.

Add 1/8th magnesium sulfate (epsom Salt) when cooking with salt.