Zika  Virus


Zika Virus


    Zica spread by Aedes mosquito. Infected human gets a rash fever red eyes and muscle pain. Virus originated in Zica forest in Uganda around 1947. First major outbreak occurred in Yap Island in 2007





    Originally in 2015 Brazil reported Zika in north eastern part of it. It can be transmitted sexually and through blood transfusion. After a bite symptoms occur two to seven days later. Rarely abdominal pains, constipation and diarrhea occur. Some times ulcers of
 mucus membranes occur.



Guillain Barre Syndrome

    Guillain-Barre Syndrome has occurred with Zika. It can also be related to previous dengue and chikungunya. It is several times high in a outbreak of Zika in French Polynesia.




      Virological tests can be done when the patient is symptomatic and Serological tests can be done five days after the symptoms. Dengue comes with more muscle pain and very high fever. Common complication is bleeding. Chickungunya causes more joint pain to the extent of the person becoming disabled. Visitors brought Zica virus to brazil during the world cup games.


     The virus can stay in the body upto 12 days.   Apart from microcephally it causes miscarriages and death of babies few hours after being born. Usually brazil had only 150 cases annually of microcephally. In 2015 there were over four thousand and this is attributed to Zika virus.  Problems with vision hearing and other abnormalities have been reported without microcephally.




     In USA microcephaaly is reported two per ten thousand births. Usually baby's head size is measured 24 hours after birth to allow for rectification of the head compression during normal birth. Microcephally can lead to reduced ability to hear, vision problems, Low ability to learn, and comprehend things.


Measures to be taken

     Clothes treated with permethrin can be effective even after a few washes. Domestic water tanks should be covered. Keep garbage in containers that can be closed. Grass should not be allowed to grow too tall.  If a country does not have the mosquito ( Like chile or Canada) they dont have to worry too much.

What to do

     Aedis mosquito can breed in a very small pool of water like a bottle top and bite people during the day.
 Wearing long sleeves and applying mosquito repellent is important. Insect repellants should not be used for babies younger than two years and should never be sprayed directly on face, hand eyes or mouth.