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Best techniques for  Antiageing, Skin fairness Treatments, and hair grow treatments.  Learn how to cure chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity. Latest updates in my facebook.  I am retired from surgeries and laser treatments.  I only issue creams and capsules for skin lightening, acne treatments, antiageing, male breast enlargement (Gynecomastia). Treatment of diabetes,  hypertension, certain cancers and hair loss.  Please call 0772300454 for more details.  After the curfew lifted on May 11nth 2020 I am resuming phone consultations and treatments through courier service as before. This is a crucial time to make sure that you maintain the optimum health.  My services are directed towards providing the benefits of scientific knowledge to the masses to achieve that.  I provide phone consultations at 0772300454 Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. 

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Please call us at 0772300454 Monday through Friday 8:30-5:30 to ask for our special skin fairness, hair growing, and antiageing treatments.  We are currently helping patients to control and cure high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic medical conditions.  If you want to receive health updates simply send us an email (Nimal@lankacosmetic.com)
 Medical council has stated that Dr Nimal Gamage is a physician and surgeon certified with them since 1982 and he can perform cosmetic surgery with his MBBS license and his training.  The letter from Sri Lanka Medical Council is posted here.

I am Dr. Nimal Gamage with 25 years of experience in United States of America, the cosmetic surgical capital of the world. I have been trained in the latest techniques of Laser and Cosmetic Surgery for the past fifteen years. I started cosmetic surgery and laser practice in Sri Lanka to introduce a holistic approach to staying young and beautiful. The program for antiageing ensures that you can prevent up to 98% heart disease 98% cancers and almost all the other diseases. We have already helped many people to cure diabetes, hypertension, cancer (incurable ones), multiple sclerosis, depression, acne, hair loss and many other diseases.  I strongly believe that most diseases are caused by wrong diet and lifestyle. Governments and corporations who run the world do not want you to know it because of the monetary interests of their own. Our health education articles are here.   Main difference between cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgery is that Plastic surgeons only require to do 1/6th of their training in cosmetic surgery whereas  Cosmetic surgeons do 100% cosmetic surgery training.  Click here to learn more facts from American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons.
But Sri Lanka Medical Council allows MBBS doctors to practice Ayurvedic and other scientific and natural medicine.  Unfortunately many MBBS doctors have not studied some of the new branches of medicine including nutritional medicine and functional medicine which are completely scientific and evidence based. Regular doctors are totally unaware of the great results which can be obtained by their use without the side effects associated with drugs.  Sri Lanka Medical Council covers any science based natural medicine usage by MBBS qualified doctors. The doctors in Sri Lanka are mostly unaware that adverse drug reactions  kills over 106000 people in USA annually. Infections in hospitals and medical and surgical errors by qualified doctors in USA ( supposed to be the best doctors in the world and the best healthcare system in the world) kills over 150,000 people annually.  When those are combined western medicine is the third leading cause of death in USA today closely following cardiac disease and strokes.   Considering that our doctors prescribe more drugs even when needed the  It is best for us to be cautious with drugs (Avoid completely when not needed) and use more and more natural medicine, diet,  necessary vitamins minerals and antioxidants  to cure all our ailments.  

       It is very important for a cosmetic surgeon to design and plan all the procedures with the patient's best interest in mind. If a surgery was not performed properly or a wrong technique is used, the damage can be permanent. As we get old we collect fat in unwanted areas which make us ugly. Common areas are abdomen, under the arms, upper and lower back, thighs, under the chin and breasts.   To obtain a younger body we remove the excess fat with our new techniques to tighten the skin back to shape. With diet and exercise alone one can never get the skin tightness when one was  younger and had no excess fat.  This is even true for young people who became overweight due to their wrong diet and life style.
Tumescent anasthesia is the technique I use for my surgeries. This was discovered by Dr Jeffrey Klein who is a dermatologist who has performed thousands of surgeries safely. He is a good friend of mine and is also a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.  I have also performed over 14000 operations under tumescent anesthesia safely upto now.  The patient does not undergo any general anesthesia or sedation with this new technique. Other than me there are no other doctors in Sri Lanka currently who have any significant experience with this technique.  It takes thousands of these procedures before one can really master this technique.

I have given you the evidence from medical journals in this link to prove that this is the best and the safest technique for liposuction and fat grafting surgeries.

The best time to remove fat is when you have gained the maximum weight and you are ready look better with liposuction followed by diet and exercise.  The reason is that if you follow diet and exercise first usually the skin covering the fat gets loose and ugly. few weeks after the liposuction you can expect a fair amount of skin tightening restoring your beautiful shape.

It is important to mention that I am a board certified Physician in USA with additional training in Cardiology. All patients need to come for a consultation prior to the surgery and some times you have to undergo preoperative blood tests and other tests.

Many people are not aware of the dangers of the older technique of liposuction. You can learn the dangers of general anesthesia by clicking here.

1. Main side effect is wrinkles and dips in the skin due to the older technique.  This does not happen with our advanced techniques.  I have seen a lot of these adverse reactions related to older techniques still practiced in Sri lanka.
2. Excessive bleeding and infections are common with older technique. Longer hospital stays and disability is also common.

3. More importantly with older techniques of liposuction under General Anesthesia even in the most advanced american hospitals oen in 5000 people die due to complications. With our new techniques not a sinlge patient has died even after 400000 cases when adhereed to strict guidelines laid out by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.
Another important service we provide to our patients is to use the unwanted fat to obtain a face which is a few years younger and prettier.  Now we know that our storage fat contain very large numbers of stem cells which are important to prevent ageing.  By doing these stemcell/ fat graft you can obtain a younger face as well as prettier face. I am one of the very few doctors who have performed more than 3000 of these procedures. (Recently Sri Lanka Plastic Surgeon Dr Duleep Perera mentions that even the most experienced plastic surgeons have only done about 200 of these. Obviously he has done much less than that.   And he obviously had very little or no  training in tumescent anesthesia based on the kind of public statements he makes.   This is a scientific technique when it comes to fat grafting most people know that to get the best results you need to have a special skill similar to that of a skilled sculptor.  It is not really necessary specially mention how valuable that skill is. It is very common for many cosmetic surgeons in USA to have done over 2000 cases. Some are found in this report about cosmetic surgeons. It is because cosmetic surgeons only do cosmetic surgery and plastic surgeons usually do only a small percentage of cosmetic surgery in their practice. Most plastic surgeons have very little training and very little experience in the subject.

 Fat Transfer technique.

        After forty years of age for men and women,  nature has genetically designed their faces to get wrinkles and make them unattractive.  But  nature provides them with non aging storage fat in all the problem areas. Certain areas that have of storage fat  contain stem cells. The face has few of them that dwindle after a certain age. Stem cells in storage fat in other areas such as in the stomach, arms and back continue to function and thrive into old age.  Since we live to be older and gainfully employ ourselves in many different professions it is important to look youthful to compete in this modern society. 

       The best facial rejuvenation can be achieved by using a Fat Grafting technique using one's own fat rather than artificial fillers that don't last and cause damage to the skin.. People tell me that when they look in the mirror, what they see is not them. They say 'I feel young inside. I just want to look as young as I feel.' They don't want to look like a teenager, but would certainly appreciate it if they could look less tired and more refreshed. More details here. At my practice we use the latest laser techniques to enhance skin tightening following the liposuction. These include Carbon Dioxide Laser resurfacing, Intense Pulse Light and Radio Frequency techniques.


Continued Anti-aging of the Body

Once you have done liposuction of the abdomen, underarms and back and you can maintain your newly created younger shape for the long term by maintaining your weight. It is a well known fact that fat usually gets deposited into areas you have the fat. Invariably the new fat which deposits will deposit into your face, buttocks and breasts. This will strengthen the results you have obtained with the fat grafting.

One of the heavily requested procedures in Sri Lanka and around the world today is facial fat grafting.

While simple in theory, it is rather a powerful tool which delivers significant facial rejuvenation while maintaining the natural appearance of the face and eyes. The success of fat grafting is based on the stem cells. Unlike a facelift, facial and eyelid fat injections, do not give a “stretched-out or mask-like” facial appearance. That is precisely why facial micro-fat grafting is utilized in order to deliver a more natural look. While older facial rejuvenation techniques such as a standard facelift focus on reversing the effects of gravity, today’s combined structural fat injections and facelift techniques that are performed also focus on restoring facial volume and fullness that is present at youth. I have perfected and improved these techniques by performing many procedures in USA and now it is available to Sri Lankans if they wish to slow the aging process.  Please check all our services on the right hand column and if you require any of our safe and effective services at very affordable prices.

        When we remove fat from the storage fat areas of the body such as abdomen, back, thighs and arms and deposit that fat in the face, breasts or buttocks the body becomes younger and more attractive in appearance. Therefore it is important to discuss all your needs during your first consultation with the doctor and plan out the procedures.  For example removing unwanted storage fat ensures that you will maintain your fat graft much longer. Otherwise the body will continue to put the fat in the remaining storage areas.  I strive to do the  best for my patients and avoid commonly made errors in  cosmetic surgeries which include these.