Antiaging Secrets

Antiaging includes proper lifestyle. These are common secrets for antiaging found by following the lifestyles of people who had lived over 100 years.

1. Vegetarian-style diet/Mediterranean diet: colored veggies and fruits, nuts, lean meats, cheeses, oil, fish, stop eating sugar or fruits with sugar.
3. Faith, whatever that is for you
4. Exercise, regular cardio with strength training
5. Community/friends/social life
6. Pick local, seasonal foods
7. Stop eating when 80 percent full
8. Music, vary genres and songs
9. Laughter, as much as you want
10. Positive attitude

Here is the research that supports the 10 points above. Through a study focusing on the Seventh-Day Adventists , it was found that their risk factor for coronary heart disease was lower than average. These individuals are vegetarians that exercise and participate in their communities.

My special Antiaging program includes four different antioxident preparations which can be taken by mouth at night. It also includes a glutathione injection (This is known as the master antioxident) injected once a month.  When people follow our diet and antiaging program they can live abour 20 years longer and maintain mental clarity until they are very old. they can increase their energy level upto 30 percent. If you combine our cosmetic treatments you can look 25 years younger and maintain that younger and prettier look for a long time as well. You will not need to take any medications or go to hospitals unless for an unavoidable minor ailment.

For people who are really interested in living without diseases and want to maintain the young looks these are the additional steps which need to be taken. First step is to use our diet guidelines for antiageing.

    . Avoid eating animal proteins. This includes meat, chicken fish and dairy products.

2. Iinclude raw vegetables in your diet daily.  The best antiaging breakfast is cut up vegetables (include red bell peppers, brocolli, lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, and others you would like to include) with boild legumes (red kidney beans, mung, garbanzo beans)  with a salad dressing made of vinegar, olive oil, pepper and salt.

3. Eat plenty of green leaves daily.  Gotukola, Mukunuwenna, Kangkun etc. Out of these Gotukola possibly is  the best to vegetable to eat on a regular basis.

4. Avoid exposure to sun light. Sun light carries radiation which damage you skin even if you wear sun screens. Ultraviolet rays in the sun causes oxygen free radicals on the skin which leads  to the aging. 

Above photo shows how a beautiful lady on the left has aged in 20 years mainly due to her tanning habbits. Even tanning beds provide so much UV light and can accelerate aging just like the sun light.  She was sued by the state for taking her five year old daughter to a tanning salon. Read her story here.

5. Avoid losing sleep.

6. Lead a stress free life as much as possible. Worrying about little things in life will affect your health. It helps to be spiritual and lose your ego.

7. Avoid alcohol, smoking

8. enjoy your daily life and remember that helping others is the beast source of happiness. ( rather than satisfying your senses which only leads to more craving and sorrow. )

9. Avoid eating sugar completely. Avoid foods high in fructose as well including honey, Corn Syrup (Added to many processed foods) as well as fruits high in sugar such as pineapple, mangoes, bananas, Oranges etc. A variety of vegetable eaten raw and cooked is the best way to obtain all the vitamins supplements and antioxidents you need for a day.

10. Take a vitamin B12 once a month as an injection and take four selected vitamin supplements daily ( We provide our patients with these specially imported from USA).  Vitamin C 500mg daily in addition to above. 

11. Consider removal of ugly storage fat using our latest techniques which carry no risk of life with the greatest possible skin tightening with even results, and add the storage fat where the age shows. These areas include face, chin, neck, hands,  buttocks and in females the breasts.

12. If you are having ugly saggy skin bothering you in body parts consider the latest tucking techniques using only local anesthesia (which eliminates the risk of life and carrying no downtime like the older techniques). These includes mini or complete tummi-tuck for females after child birth, arm tucks, thigh tucks, body lifts, breast lifts (especially for females)

13. Start a antiaging laser program at the age of about 30 years and maintain that through the rest of your life.  This should inluce IPL, RF as well as fractionated CO2 laser. Why not look your best while you feel the same with your right life-style. 

14. Keep you weight at the Ideal weight depending on your height. Consider finding new friends who will help reinforce your new life-style choices. Humans are herd animals and will collectively maintain wrong life-style choices even though they very well understand the consequences. 

15. Take vitamin D3 2000 units on a daily basis. Take magnesium supplements 200mg on a daily basis.   Take vitamin C 500mg daily.
16 Use an antioxidant program for further Antiageing.  We use a variety of antioxidants individualized depending on your condition for this purpose.

17. Use the ultimate detoxification program with intravenous glutathione. Remember that glutathione is found in your blood and in all your cells. You cannot get any allergies from glutathione.  But since it removes toxins from your body it is best to do this therapy with a doctor who is a specialist in detoxification treatments.  Now we know that throughout our life we collect about 700 toxins from our environment due to toxicity of the world around us.  This includes toxic metals like arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum as well as insecticides, pesticides and others.

For really interested I recommend watching these two videos

1. Folks over knives ( A movie made by worlds two eminent physicians who explain how a vegan diet (plant based whole foods diet) can eliminate 80% of your future diseases and reverse established coronary artery disease).

2. Earthlings

If you are unable to secure those we can provide them to you at a small price.

Please read the links below (These are copied from other sites and kept at my website for your convenience) to find more evidence so you can decide for yourself whether you need some changes in you life-style. (upcoming. Please revisit)
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