Arm  Tuck

Arm tuck is performed to improve the loose skin underarm.  When a person develops fat under the arms from being overweight it is best to remove that fat with liposuction before the skin hands. Otherwise with exercise and diet the skin starts to get loose and starts to hang. It is called a Bat Wing. People hate when their skin under the arms hand like that and start flapping when they raise their arms.

Arm tuck with the new minimum scar technique is performed under local anesthesia together with liposuction to provide great results.

The minibrachioplasty  utilizes the skin contractility from liposuction
combined with skin excision to address both longitudinal and transverse skin excess. This procedure works best when the majority of skin excess is located in the proximal  half of the upper arm. In addition, this procedure
improves upper arm contour while allowing the patient to wear a short-sleeve shirt without visible scars.