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Botox is used for reduction of the frown lines, laugh lines and forehead lines. It works by relaxing the muscles which cause these lines on the face.

   Before and after botox for frown lines

 Anoter before and after botox for frown lines

Before and after botox for craws feet lines

  Before and after for forehead lines


Usually 50 units of botox is injected to the forehead and side of the face to alleviate the lines caused by active muscles.  You need a consultation with the doctor prior to botox and usually you can get the injection at the same time.
usually botox effect lasts about 6-8 months and reinjection is needed after that.  People can get allergic to botox. Botox is not recommended for any other areas of the face. 

Botox is also injected to the underarm area for people who have excess sweating.  Recenlty we have had great success in patients with excessive sweating with liposuction of the axillary area.