Cosmetic Plan for  Bride to be

Many women dream of getting married. If your big day is approaching, you should be looking and feeling your best. One of the ways many brides-to-be are taking full advantage of their wedding day is by pursuing the cosmetic surgery and laser treatments to enhance their beauty. A recent survey shows that wives-to-be are spending more on cosmetic treatments than they are on wedding dresses, .
It is common knowledge that you can buy a relatively inexpensive dress and accessorize it well but there is no way to hide bad skin or bad shape.
It is a known fact that two of the greatest female desires are physical perfection and a big white wedding. 

Everybody knows that the bride has to live with the wedding album for the rest of her life. Brides may not know exact what they want. This webpage will provide the knowledge they need.


Safe and  natural cosmetic surgery can prepare the bride who is planning to become a mother to change her lifestyle so she can maintain good nutrition, lose excess weight and become healthier. The proper nutrition  can help herself as well as her family especially children she will have. Having a stronger and healthier body helps to minimize the damage to the beauty which occurs with pregnancy.  It will improve her chances of having a healthy child and her fertility. The nutrition education and lifestyle guidelines a bride learns from us during her treatments are priceless.  Today most families lead very unhealthy life styles and end up becoming ugly, unhealthy and dye from diseases early in their lives.
An overweight bride should consult the doctor about six months or more prior to the wedding. The storage fat in her body specially the abdomen, underarm, back and thighs should be removed with liposuction.

Above results shown on the right can be seen within a month. The skin tightening and returning to a better shape does not happen with diet and exercise alone. It only leads to lose skin and wrinkles.

It is common to see extremely lose skin when people lose weight with extreme diets with or without exercise programs. The worse cases are seen with gastric bypass or lapband.  In my medical opinion gastric bypass can never provide  beauty and health. The best course of action is liposuction followed by proper diet and exercise plan.



The above results are obtained with tumescent liposuction of abdomen achieved by tiny holes through abdomen. No scars are visible in this case. New technique uses tumescent local anesthesia with power assisted liposuction for the best results. No risk of dying like the old technique. No risk of pulmonary embolism, bleeding, infections. Best results are seen in four weeks.

Large underarm collection of fat is very common in Sri Lankans and it can be hereditary. By removing this fat you can ensure that the skin under the arm is never going to hang again.

The under the chin fat can make you look older and if not taken care of in time will result in looser skin as you age. The fat in the lower face should also be removed at the same time for best results.

Even with a larger collection of fat under the chin and in the in the lower face just one liposuction can enhance the jaw line and make you look years younger and prettier in a few days.

Fat in the back is also very common and you cannot look good in a dress with fat hanging out like this. If this is not taken out with liposuction as you lose weight you can end up with a lot of loose skin in the back requiring cutting surgery to fix it later. Cutting surgery is really not great for Asian skin due to the high incidence of keloids and hypertrophic scars.
It is best to use the new and improved techniques done under local anesthesia for the best results without side effects. The procedure is done one area at a time as an outpatient basis and a proper diet and exercise program is followed to make sure she can lose the inner fat. Liposuction is done so ugly bulges of fat is taken away getting the bride to be back to her beautiful youthful shape. She needs to be on a proper diet to lose her inner weight so she can come down to her ideal weight.

 Many brides like her face to look younger and prettier. Pretty face is all about proportions. Today we use the patients own fat containing stem cells to make her face more youthful and pretty. Most commonly enhancement of cheeks, chin, forehead can make any bride prettier. Today with fat grafting we can obtain the younger and prettier look for any woman.

The above photo belonges to one of my models who had undergone fat grafting to make her face beautiful. You can see how she has improved the proportions of her face by enhancing her cheeks, lips and chin region and removing the under the chin fat collection.  Some times a remarkable improvement can be obtained with a few fat grafts.

The above photo on the left was taken of a lady iforties in Sri Lanka. With the fat grafting of upper and mid face, lasers for the full face, chin and neck and special creams the face has been made fairer, younger and prettier over the  two years. Even the acne scars of the face has been cleared to a great extent. The picture on the right was taken about two years after and she looked 15 years younger and became prettier.
Therefore procedures like blepheroplasties and traditional facelifts are best avoided since those only provided a stretched and skeletonized look without beauty.

Above face had both upper and lower blepharoplasty and a facelift. Facial skin is tight but she has a frightened look and her face is more skeletonized. You can compare that with a more natural forehead and around the eye rejuvenation below obtained in a sri lankan woman with two fat graftings.

Enhanced lips with proper proportions always makes her face very attractive. The ugly wrinkles and lines of the face can be softened the same way. The best fat for grafting is the same ugly storage fat in the abdomen, under arms, back and thighs.
Today many brides want their hand to look youthful. This is done with fat grafting to the back of the band to obtain a baby like hand without ugly veins.

Recent studies show that males are sexually turned off by the feel of breast implants which are made of silicone or saline bags. Breast fat grafting is now becoming the most popular method to augment breast size and obtain a lift.

If the breast is weak due to loss of fat a fat grafting technique will be sufficient to bring the breast back up to the original shape with a small lift. It preserves the natural firmness of the breasts.

Above is an example of removing fat from the upper back and lower back and grafting it to the buttocks and thighs to obtain an improved waist to hip ratio in one surgery. This surgery is done in a few hours under local anesthesia without any risk of life to the patient.  Needlenss to say that it is important to discuss all of the above in your first consultation so you dont run out of fat which is needed for your rejuvenations and augmentations. Some brides may need a breast lift if their breasts are sagging. This is also done under local anesthesia with advanced suturing techniques for better results. Rarely an arm tuck or thigh tuck is needed for a bride who has lost a lot of weight and now has a lot of loose redundant skin under arm or in inner thigh region. Only a mini tummy tuck is recommended if child birth is anticipated and very loose skin of the abdomen needs to be corrected.
Fat under the chin and in the lower face always makes you uglier and older. This fat should be removed with liposuction.
If the bride has acne scars and pigmentations and want to have fairer skin it is best to start with laser treatments six months prior to the wedding.

Above patient had laser treatments with blue light therapy and diet treatment. It helped her to obtain a remarkable result with her acne.

Treatments are done once a month and improvement of the scar can be seen as above after about six months. This treatment is usually combined with specially formulated skin creams.

The above results took six fractionated carbondioxide laser treatments done once a month. The depth of the fractionated carbondioxide laser is usually increased gradually. Acne scars have improved remarkable in this patient.

Many brides like to be fair. Dark skin is due to high amount of melanin. Use our specially formulated night cream to remove melanin. Use of intravenous glutathione changes melanin to pheomelanin which gives a pink yellow color to the skin which is known to be the best skin color. Using the laser treatments also helps to obtain even color of the skin and the sheen of the skin associated with younger skin.

Use the healthiest dietary technique to lose weight. Combine with red raspberry ketones phenylalanine and Tyrosine which are natural supplements and Vit B12 injections to lose weight without side effects.


To remove unwanted hair keep about four to six months prior to the wedding. Only permanent hair removal method is laser hair removal. Uses diode laser which is the best. Need 4-6 treatments done one a month.
Face, under arms, arms legs bikini area are commonly done.

Facial hair can be bothersome and can be removed with diode laser.

Cellulite are abnormal fat found in thighs and buttocks. Only remove outer thighs, inner thighs inner knees and if needed buttocks with new techniques. Remove when the collection of the fat is small otherwise it would be difficult to obtain a good result. Use liposhifting for other areas to homogenize the fat layers.
Small spider veins can be removed with diode laser. Usually three treatments are required. Local anesthetic cream for one hour can minimize the pain associated with this treatment.
Larger veins are removed with injection techniques. Sclerotherapy with