Calf  Augmentation

It is not a secret that a lot of Sri Lankan women suffer from small calves.  Shapely legs are desired by women all over the world.  Proper size of the calf is necessary for a beatiful pair of legs. 


The older method for calf Augmentation is with silicone implants.  But these implants carry excessive risks and now the trend is to augment calves with patients own fat grafed to the calves.

The silicone implants tend to get harder and thicker and they can cause disfiguration.

Above picture shows how a silicone graft has become hard and distorted.

Implants carry a serious risk of infections as well. Infection risk is higher in legs compared to other parts of the body due to poorer blood supply.

Due to these serious complications silicone implants have to be surgically removed causing surgical scars which will last forever.

Above picture shows surgical removal of a calf implant due to complications.

Today calf augmentations are performed by grafting of patients own fat into the calf.  Modern liposuction techniques use tumescent local anesthesia and power assisted technique.  The fat is removed from the storage fat areas which are known to contain a large amount of stem cells.

These areas include abdomen, under arm, upper and lower back and inner and outer thigh regions. The procedure takes only about 3-4 hours to remove fat from one of these areas.  The fat so removed is cleaned with centrifugation and prepared for injection into the calf.

The calf tissues are then anesthetized with local anesthesia and the graft is performed by injection of fat. 

Due to the presence of Stem cells in the fat the fat grafting can provide the patient with lasting results.

Usually one fat graft is enough if the patient wants a mild augmentation.  it can be repeated in three months for a better result.

The results are very satisfying for most patients. These same patients usually consider rejuvenation of breasts, buttocks, face and hands once they see the good results obtained from the fat grafting technique.