Cancer Prevention

Cancer risk keeps increasing over the past few dacades as shown by the chart below.

Cough, shortness of breath and chest pain, Frequent fevers or infections. Difficulty swollowing, Enlarged lymph nodes of neck underarm or groin. .


 Excessive bruising or bleeding, Weakness or fatigue,
 Bloating or abnormal weight gain, Feeling full, Pelvic or abdominal pain, Rectal bleeding or black stools., Weight loss,
 Swollen breast, nipple discharge, Heavy periods, Facial swelling, Skin lumps that does not heal, becomes crusty and bleeds easily, Nail discoloration, clubbing, pale nails, back pain.

These are the mechanisms to fight cancer

1. Immune system fight against them  2. Body refuses to create inflammation with which cancer invade new territories  3. Blood vessels refuse to reproduce and provide the supplies needed for cancer to grow.
Natural killer cells are special agents of immune system against cancer. On contact with cancer cells they pass on Granzymes which penetrate into cancer cells and lead to destruction of cancer cells.

What causes cancer?

Causes are ageing, Genetic mutations, Family history, Drinking and smoking, Obesity and lack of physical activity, Foods causing cancer. Radiation. Exposure to chemicals. Eating too warm foods. Lack of antioxidants.

Factors inhibiting Immune Cells
Animal Foods,
Processed foods,
Sugar and Polyunsaturated oils.
 Persistent anger or despair
Social Isolation
 Sedentary Lifestyle
Too warm foods
Things which activate immune system are good to prevent cancer. These are

Whole grains non genetically modified
Coconut Oil,
Joy and Serinity
Family Support
Self Satisfaction
Regular physical activity

Cancer has a high death rate

For last five decades cancer death rates dropped only 5%
Heart disease death rates dropped 64%
In 1900 cancer was the sixth leading cause of death.
Today it is the second leading cause of death and in ten years it will be the leading cause of death. It is the leading cause of death in some countries like UK and Canada

Metabolic origin of cancer was one theory of how cancer starts due to different reasons.

Otto Warburg a German Scientist in 1924 said that cancer originated from a metabolic problem. When cells lose that ability to make energy with oxidation and rely solely on fermentation.
Basically due to damage to mitochondria. Anerobic respiration (fermentation of glucose to lactic acid is primitive compared to aerobic respiration. )

Some viruses are associated with cancer as well.

RSV virus contained a src gene which caused cance. src gene was widely found in animals. So cancer causing src gene was found in all of us. Viral version of this gene is stuck in on position.
"Dairy food and meat in the diet are definitely associated with cancer.
Woman in kenia has 82 times less risk of developing breast cancer than a woman in USA
Only difference is that Kenian women do not take dairy and meat in their diet.

Tobaccor is another main reason for cancer.

One in three cancers are caused by tobacco smoking. Tobacco has more than 24 carcinogens.

Dairy and Meat also increase the incidence of prostate cancer.

In USA with double the population of Japan 38000 died from prostate cancer in 1978
Only 18 people died of prostate cancer in Japan in the same year.
When Japanese move to USA and eat more animal food the prostate cancer occurred at the same rate.

A landmark study proved the link between milk protein casein and cancer in animal studies.

In animal studies 20% casein (Milk Protein) promoted cancer growth in rat livers in the presence of a carcinogen.
Same result with other animal protein.
Plant proteins did not promote cancer

Similar study proved that fish and meat proteins increase the risk of cancer.

When fish protein or meat protein was used instead of the milk protein the cancer promotion occurred in a similar manner.
No cancer growth was noted with plant proteins. But not vegetable proteins.

Another big reason for cancer is high sugar intake.

41% increase in Sugar in the soft drinks over the last decade.
35% increase of Sugar in fruit drinks.
One coka cola can a day = 150 Cal x 365 = 3500 Cal/Ibs = 15.6 Ibs / year

Causes of acne and the cancer are the same. In 1200 adolescents in
Kitavan Islands of New Guinea and 130 Ache Indians in Paraguay there was no acne. They did not eat refined sugar or white flour.  In Australia when adolescents tried a diet restricting sugar and white flour for three months their insulin and IGF levels diminished together with Acne.

If we only take vegetables and fruits our fructose intake is very low.

If only fruits and vegetables are eaten. 15gm daily
Before WW2 16-24G daily
1994 54.7G daily
Adolescents take 72.8G daily
Will not help the situation.
Fructose is given Generally Regarded As Safe ( GRAS) certification by FDA.
FDA does not regulate chronic toxins.
Fructose is a chronic toxin.
USA sells a lot of food overseas.
Therefore fructose will not be considered a toxin by USDA. No other government will help to educate people about dangers of sugar.

Reasons why fructose is bad for us are these.
Fructose does not suppress grelin like glucose.
Fructose does not increase insulin.
Fructose hurts liver and causes metabolic syndrome which is
Obesity, type 2 DM. lipid problems, HTN , cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Fructose is a poisen. Only liver can metabolize fructose.
Does not stimulate insulin or leptin
Produces Uric Acid waste product when fructose is metabolized. Uric acid causes hypertension. Uric Acid blocks production of nitric oxide in the endothelial cells.

Fructose easily becomes fat.
Increases pattern B LDL and increases atherosclerosis.
30% if fructose ends up making fat.
Can cause fatty liver and hepatitis.
Leads to insulin resistance leading to metabolic syndrome.
Cause Leptin resistance causing more obesity. Fructose increases cancer risk

Transfat increases cancer risk as well.

All margarines contain transfat
Increase breast cancer risk two folds.
Causes heart disease strokes and diabetes as well.
What causes cancer also causes heart disease. What damages blood vessels also decrease blood supply to the tissues which increases the cancer risk.
Cancer cells grow better when oxygen supply is low.
Cancer cells use anaerobic metabolism and turn glucose into lactic acid

To prevent cancer you have to avoid toxins.

Chemical poisens,
Toxins in cosmetics and clothing,
Toxins in water,

Americans of all ages carry 148 toxic pollutants. Annual production of synthetic chemicals were a million tons in 1930 and two hundred million tons today. Past thirty years WHO's international agency for research tested 900 potential culprits. Only one was a non carcinogen. 95 were known carcinogens. 307 were possbile carcinogens and 497 were unclassified. Benzene is a known carcinogen widely used in gasoline, plastics, resins and glues, lubricants, dyes, detergents and pesticides.  In 1995 National toxicology program did animal trials with four hundred chemical samples out of 75000 chemicals in the market at that time. 5-10 percent of them were considered to be carcinogens. This means people are exposed to about 7500 carcinogens daily.  When combined these toxins exert a very toxic effect even at a very small strength.

These are the toxins in our diet we have to avoid.

Aspartame and other sweeteners
Packaging contaminants
Cookware like teflon

Hepatitis C virus causing liver cancer
Human papilloma virus causing cervical cancer.

Some infections are associated with cancer

Cervical cancer with papilloma virus. Colon cancer with ulcerative colitis, Stomach cancer with H pylori, Liver cancer with hepatitis B or C,
Bladder cancer with repeated urinary tract infections.


Sun is the main cause of skin cancer and melanoma
Other radiations are known to cause cancer. Avoid X rays. 15 years of mammograms will increase your cancer risk by 50%

Basal cell carcinoma is the commonest skin cancer and its incidence has doubled from 1970 to 1986. Skin cancer has been increasing 4-8% annually for past 40 years.

How to avoid cancer

Avoid Dairy Food, Meat, Fish Eggs
Avoid sugar in diet, beverages (Cola drinks and Fruit Drinks)
Avoid sweet fruits intake in high amounts
Avoid soy foods
Avoid taking high omega 6 fatty acids. These are in Corn Oil, Soybean oil, safflower oil, canola oil and peanut oil
Avoid eating hot foods

Vegetable oils contain high amounts of Omega 6 fatty acids. These increase inflammation.
Do all your cooking in virigin coconut oil. No need for fish oil if no vegetable oils are taken
Stop smoking and taking alcohol
Have a good family life. Avoid stress and anger.

Sweating removes toxins from fat cells.
Combine with yoga, tai chi or martial arts.
Daily meditation to relax the mind.
Practice spiritual advancement to get rid of grief and anger.

Our body produces glutathione which protects us against free radicals.
As we age energy production in our cells decrease and glutathione levels decrease. On the average a person encounters about 100 toxins a day. Over last fifty years we have evidence that glutathione help people from getting cancer.  May people take ivory caps or glutathione capsules. They donít work. Glutathione is destroyed in the gut.
Even glutathione injections do not enter cells without first broken down outside of cells. Use the antioxidant network. We recommend taking seven antioxidant capsule combination for best results.

To prevent cancer at least once a day we should eat a bunch of raw vegetables. Cooked vegetables lose a lot of enzymes which help with digestion.
Cooked food contain denatured proteins causing our body to consider that food to be foreign. The body reacts with leukocytosis.
Most vitamins and antioxidants are destroyed by cooking.

Use Antiaging capsules to prevent cancer as well improve skin color and ageing. Daily antioxidant program can be used to prevent cancer.
Melatonin decreases breast and prostate cancer. And decrease aging
Resveratrol is effective in reducing cancer. Vitamin B12 and D3 should be supplemented. MgSO4 should be added to the diet. MSM provides methyl groups for DNA repair. NAC increases glutathione levels. Conjugated linoleic acid helps prevent cancer.

These are the other things you can do.

One of the most powerful anticancer agent is curcumin which is found in turmeric. High dose vitamin C helps cancer treatments.
Vitamin D3 reduces cancer risk by 77% is documented to prevent 16 different types of cancer.
Flax seed oil is the best source of Omega 3 for humans.
Donít depend on medical care too much.

 Annually lot of people die from errors in medical care.
 In USA in year 2000 12000 people died from unnecessary surgeries. 7000 died from medication errors. 20000 died from errors at hospitals. 80000 died from hospital acquired infections. 106000 died from side effects of medications which were properly prescribed. To a total of 210000 becoming third leading cause of death.
Chemo therapy industry

 It is a 200 billion dollar industry. Incentive of money keeps proven alternative therapies beried with attacks, criticisms and made unavailable to the general population with regulations.
 Mustard Gas was the first chemotherapeutic agent used against Lymphoma or any cancer. But the result was only transient.

 It also caused hair loss, sterility, GI effects, Anemia, Thromocytopenia and leukopenia as well.
Chemotherapy facts
 Chemotherapy is so toxic and is the main cause of death for cancer patients in developed countires. 90% of oncologists have saied that they would not take chemotherapy themselves or recommend to a friend. But most of their patients are rushed to chemotherapy upon cancer diagnosis.

Ineffective chemo
 Study by two australian oncologists published in 2004 Journal of Clinical Oncology revealed that chemotherapy for all four major cancers are totally ineffective. Five year survival was 2.1% in USA. Only 2-4% of cancers respond to chemotherapy
Common cancer therapies
 With lung, breast, prostate and colon cancers which are the commonest cancers, chance of survival has not changed for last 50 years. Only leukemia, hodgekins and testicular cancer treatments have improved. German study of women over 80 years with breast cancer showed that patients without standard treatment lived 11 months longer.
Radiotherapy facts
 Radiation for breast cancer improves cancer suvival rate by only 1%. But heart disease death increases by 21% if you have received radiation therapy for breast cancer.
 FDA has made it illegal for anyone to claim that anything other than chemo and radiation can cure cancer.
FDA is ruthless
 For brainstem Gllioma which is incurable with conventional therapy Antineoplaston therapy at Dr Burzinski proved to have 20% completre cure rates.
 Unfortunately FDA sued and caused the state to cancel his medical license.
Avoid all western medical drugs unless essential

 Due to unhealthy conditions accumulating for years immune system gets depressed and goes out of balance for years before cancer develops.
 All drugs and chemicals are toxic. Generally drugs suppress symptoms for a while and eventually causing new diseases.
Improper nutrition
 Nutirtional deficiency causes cancer. Most obese people are deficient in essential nutrients. Over 80% of americans are short on D3. over 30% are deficient in Vitamins E A C and Magnesium. Only 26% of the people ate vegetables three times daily.
B12 and D3 are essential supplements

 Breast cancer is reduced by B12 and folate. D3 prevents cervical cancer, colorectal cancer and many other cancers.
Not enough nutrition education for doctors.

Even in America the life span of doctors are less than that of the rest of the people.
 Out of 125 medical schools of America only 30 had a course on nutrition.
 average a doctor obtained only three hours of education on nutrition
 Methotrexate was found in 1947. New England Medical journal published the stastics of cancer treatments in 1986. 3000 lives were saved with cancer chemotherapy. But million people got cancer and only 3% of them were saved with the chemotherapy.
Damage with chemo
 Since 1950 death by cancer increased by 9%. Years later additional damage down from chemotherapy was revealed. Children who were treated for hodgkins disease had higher risk of heart disease and stroke later in their lives and 18 times more likely to develop secondary malignant tumors.
Post chemo issues
 Girls had a 35 percent chance of developing breast cancer by the age of 40 which is 75 times greater than the average. Risk of leukemia was much higher until four years after treatment and the risk lowered after 14 years following the treatment.
Further treatment
 Risk of developing solid tumors remained high even after thirty years following the treatment. Varmus and Bishop discovered the cellular origin of viral oncogenes in 1986. Mitochondria of the cancer cells were structurally deformed. Smaller, cup or dumbbell shaped. with numerous protein and lipid abnormalities.
Cancer facts
 Cancer cells contain hexokinase 2 which ferments glucose without stopping like normal hexokinase. PET scans after using sluorodeoxyglucose accurately sees active cancer cells.
Proto oncogenes

 Weinberg found that nue was the protooncogene of neuroblastoma in rats and it produced a receptor on the cell membrane and was an easy target for drugs. Later Her2 was discovered and it was similar to neu. Her2 was later found in breast and ovarian cancers and these cancers with Her2 expression were found to be more aggressive.
 Further research created the drug herceptin. In actuality it only extended life of cancer patients by six months. It provided genentech with 3.7 billion dollars of profit.
Human Genome project
 Hexokinase was bound to another mitochondrial protein called voltage dependent anion channel. VDAC. It triggered cytochrome C resulting in apoptosis. Once VDADC was bound to hexokinase it prevented the release of cytochrome C thereby making the cell immortal. Human Genome project cost 3 billion. Later research into cancer cell genome could not find any new cancer genes.
Breast cancer
 Study of genome of breast cancer revealed that it was not caused by Single mutations. Some cancer samples had no mutations at all. There could be different mutations within the tumor and also between the primary and metastatic tumors.
Lie of chemotherapy

 The drug metformin had decreased the risk of cancer. For people aged- cancer kils more than heart disease accidents and strokes put together. The great lie of chemotherapy is that they were approved on response rate that is the tumor shrinking percent or more for days but chemotherapy does not extend life.
3 bromo pyruvate
 Avastin the latest drug cost 90000 dollars a year for colon cancer as well as breast cancer but did not extend life. 3 bromopyruvate kils highly dangerous hepatocellular carcinoma. Human body has 9 oz of ATP. As mitochondria decline cellular operations decline with them. Mitochondria are protected by Antioxidant network
 With old age they lose half of structural lipids, energy shuttling compounds and antioxidants. Most macromolecules of the cell are destroyed in the lysosomes filled with acid. If lysosomes lack the enzyme to metabolize gangliosides which are important part of the cell membrane Tay Sachs disease is caused which usually kill the person before the age of four. Many chemotherapy agents work by losing the patients appetite.
Experimental evidence
 Cancer is caused by epigenetic signalling from mitochondria to nucleas which is caused by troubled respiration. When a cancer cell nucleus is transferred to a normal cytoplasm it failed to transfer the cancer into transplanted animals. In one experiment one out of 64 got cancer. when repeated none out of ten got cancer. When a nuclues of one cancer cell was transferred to a cytoplasm of another cancer cell it transferred cancer seven out of ten times. When a cancer cell cytoplasm was given a normal nucleaus 97 percent transplanted mice got cancer.
More data
 Scientific community and NCI ignored these results. Gleevec was found in 2003 against CML and reduced death rates from 4300 to 470 in USA annually. CML was found to have philadelphia chromosome a shortened chromosome 22. Even some normal people have this chromosome without the disease. In Multiple myeloma Gleevec seems to exert its effects by reducting cellular ATP. Cancer cells cannot metabolize ketone bodies.
Ketogenic Diet
 Fasting helps cancer. It was known that fasting helps epileptic seizures. Ketone bodies turned spermed into faster swimmers. Human brains have adopted to using ketone bodies for energy. Cancer cells have unusually high levels of reactive oxygen species. Ketogenic diet prevents the cancer cells from producing glutathione to protect itself from Reactive Oxygen Species.
 Ketogenic diet starts with water only for 2-3 days.
Ketogenic diet
 Eat mostly coconut oil, buter or olive oil as diet. Small amounts of carbohydrates and proteins. No fruits, sugars or dairy. Milk is not good due to lactose content. Most nuts are good. Avocados are good. Spices are ok.
 Combination with hyperbaric oxygen which is already approved for post radiation use improves results with aggressive cancers.
Chemo effective against only a few cancers

 There are only three kinds of cancer that respond to chemotherapy:
 Testicular Cancer
 Some Lymphomas and Hodgekins lymphoma
 Childhood leukemias
Cancer Surgery increases metastasis

 Cancer surgery itself can expedite the process of metastasis.
 Removing the primary tumor decreases the factors which restrict new vessel growth and can promote the growth of the metastases.
 Always Limit applying pressure on the primary tumor.
Primary tumor
 Primary tumor produce angiostatin to prevent the growth of the secondary tumors. Once primary tumor is removed the metastases begin to grow in many cases.
Chemo and radiation therapy

 By themselves increase the risk of secondary cancers.
 Decreases the immunity and damage the ability of the body to heal the cancer.
Fiber is important

 In nature fiber is present wherever fructose is present.
 Reduces rate of carbohydrate absorption
 Increases intestinal transport, reducing appetite
 Inhibit absorption of free fatty acids to the colon where short chain fatty acids are produced by intestinal bacteria, which suppresses insulin.
 Best way to get fiber is to eat raw vegetables.
Big Pharma drive chemo

 Chemotherapy is big business for drug companies.
 Big Pharma fund hospitals, create med school curriculums, and make sure alternative therapy is illegal.
FDA and Big pharma does not help us
 FDA has never approved any nontoxic drug, herb vitamin or supplement for cancer. Medical Boards of USA cancel licences of Doctors who do not follow FDA approved treatments.
 No Drug company will fund research on such a treatment where a patent cannot be applied for.
Liver Cancer

 400 million people in china have hepatitis B. Transmitted with sex, IV drug abuse, mother to child. Can survive a week in a drop of blood. ( HIV dies immediately in a drop of blood).
 Can get from a manicure, pedicure or from a dentist if sterilization is not done properly.

 Is the best of the chemo modern pharma came up with. Improves median survival from 4.2 months to 5.7 months and none of the 126 patients in the study lived longer than 19 months. Indicated for metastatic breast cancer small cell lung cancer and advanced ovarian cancer.
When oncologist says your tumor will respond to chemo
 He means that the tumor will shrink to 50% upto four weeks. It does not mean a cure.
 Journal of Oncology 2004 study five year survival after chemo was 2.1% in USA
Curing cancer with raw vegetables

 Between 1930-1940 50% of Dr Max Gersons patients lived for more than five years compared to only 2.5% people with similar cancers treated with todays advanced western medical treatments.
 Today IV glutathione is a better way to clean your liver of all toxins. Combine with non toxic diets and other vitamin, antioxidant supplements we cure 25 times more people.
 This was much better than what the western medicine can cure with chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy.
Effective Alternative Treatments for cancer
 Poly MVA is alphalipoic acid with palladium. Also contains other multivitamins. Usually four tablespoons twice a day. Expensive 50000/=Rs per month.
 Can give 35-40 percent five year survivals according to Dr Forsythe. Conventional medicine results are at 2%
Effective Alternative Treatments for cancer
 Salicinium is also known as chinese aspirin. (Glycobenzaldehyde) Initially given as IV therapy for three weeks (Two hours a day iv) followed by six caps daily to maintain. Over 85% response in stage 4 prostate cancer. Expensive, costs 50000/Rs per monnth
 Cheaper alternative now available from us with same activity against cancer
Effective Alternative Treatments for cancer
 Iscador is an extract from misletoe plant can be injected with 70% cure rate in advanced prostate cancer
 No simple sugars in the diet at all. Avoid sucrose. Cancer cells thrive on sugar and acid. Alkalinize the body with wheat grass, algae and ryegrass orally and with raw vegetables eaten three times a day.
 Add Vit D3, MgSo4 and b12 (methylcobalamine) and Glutathione injections,
NAC and alphalipoic acid.

Effective alternative therapy
 Vitamin C iv at a dosage of 50g iv daily can be used to kill cancer cells.
 Vitamin K 2 orally should be supplemented together with vitamin D 3 at the same time.
Further steps
 Dont smoke, Stop alcohol, eat vegetables and fruits. Avoid cosmetics deodorant and hair spray.
 Avoid eating warm or hot foods. Always prefer room temperature.
 Regular exercise is important. Limit protein and bad fats.
Exercise to prevent cancer
 Exercise is one of the best ways to prevent cancer. it keeps the glucose levels low. Documented to reduce liver cancer, lung cancer and bowel cancer. it also helps to prevent cardiovascular mortality by 68 percent.
 150 minutes per week of exercise lowered risk of death by 31 percent. Best is one hour a week reduced premature death by 39 percent. Chronic sitting increases the risk of lung cancer by over 50%.