High Frequency Ultrasound (Cavitation) for fat removal

Threre are multiple new methods available for localized fat removal. Still one of the best techniques is the high frequency ultrasound method which is also called cavitation method.  Cryolipolysis is another method which has been proven to be less effective than cavitation.

Usually these methods are reserved for patients who cannot undergo liposuction under local anesthesia due to contraindications or for small amounts of remaining fat found after a successful liposuction.

Cavitation has been approved by FDA. Usually areas overlying the bone are avoided. Fluence is usually 40 J/cm2.  Usually treatments are given once a week until results are seen.  After 8-12 weeks weist cirumference can be decreased about 4-7 cm.   Each treatment takes about 15 minutes.  Patients have minimal discomfort with a slight feeling of heat.  With ultrasound energy fat is heated to 56 centegrade about 1.5cm below the skin causing fat cells to destroy. Most blood vessels and nerves are closer to the skin and are not affected by this heat.  Rarely mild discomfirt and temporary erythema (Redness of the skin) can be seen.

Cavitation is also used successfully to soften very fibrous and tough fat collections prior to tumescent power assisted liposuction.  The high frequency ultrasound which is also called cavitation helps to breakup the fibrous fatty tissue thereby enabling complete removal of male chest fat collections as well as other hard fat collections. External ultrasound soften or disrupt adipose tissue and (1) facilitate the task of suctioning adipose tissue, (2) make the patient more comfortable during and after the procedure, and (3) improve the quality of the aspirate by decreasing the amount of blood.

External ultrasound can reach through scar tissue. It is extremely safe compared to internal ultrasound which is known to cause more scaring, bleeding and sometimes even necrosis (death) of skin.

Ultrasound causes
1. Cavitation
2. micro mechanical disruption
3. Thermal damage
Ultrasound is also known to increase vasculature an increase collagen formation. This helps with lose neck tissues and lower face loseness. At 1Mhz (frequency of 1000/sec) is causes cellular detachment, but at 2-3 megahertz it causes cellular destruction.

Why choose the Sonic Shaper Prestige:

Easy-to-use, easy-to-master device for the non-invasive treatment of fat deposits and cellulite that entails no discomfort or client recovery down time
Lasting results visible after a single treatment; further treatments deliver additional reductions in circumference
The SONIC SHAPER uniquely delivers cavitation, which is a natural phenomenon based on low-frequency ultrasound simultaneously with vacuum to offer the safest treatment possible
Colour touch screen for user-friendly operation
Comprehensive range of pre-set and user-defined programs
Available in white or silver/blue.
Cellulite Reduction Treatment
We use ultrasound  Cavitation  as a non-invasive treatment for the removal of stubborn fat deposits and cellulite that never seem to disappear regardless of dietary or exercise regime.

An ultrasound field creates tiny bubbles in the interstitial and intracellular fluids which gradually grow and implode at a certain size. Energy in the form of heat and pressure waves is released which breaks the fat cell membranes as they do not have structural capacity to withstand these vibrations. Vascular, nervous and muscular tissue is naturally spared. After the disruption of adipose cells, the resulting fat in the form of triglycerides is released into the interstitial fluid between the cells, where they are enzymatically metabolised to glycerol and free fatty acids.