Coconut Oil is the best oil on Earth


Miranda Kerr ( Supermodel)  does not go a single day without coconut oil.

Coconut oil has medium chain saturated fats.  All the scientific date points to coconut oil as the best oil on earth for health and beauty. But it had it's enemies namely the Soybean industy of America. 
American Soy bean Association started the bad propaganda against cocomut oil  in 1980s. It was said that coconut oils can cause heart attacks. This brought down coconut oil industry to a standstill. Center for Science in the Public Interest CSPI was against coconut oil. In oct 1988 American  millionaire Phil Sokolof started an  ad campagn against coconut and palm oil.  He was mistaken by his doctors who believed all saturated fat was bad. As a result of this propaganda tropical oils were replaced with soybean oil and hydrogenated soybean oil. The american medical education learn it's nutrition from American dairy, beef and agriculture industry and they taught doctors coconut oil is bad.  As a result  Heart disease, Cancer, DM, Obesity and immune dysfunction increased.

The truth is coconut oil is entirely different from the animal fats and is the best oil for your heart and body. It has the most healthy fatty acids called medium chain fatty acids. 64% of coconut oil is medium chain fatty acids.  Palm oil is the second best with 58% medium chain fatty acids.

Animal fats are long chain fatty acids. Animal fats have cholesterol and coconut oil has no cholesterol at all.  (Some people don't know that plants dont have cholesterol).   When you take coconut oil your good cholesterol (HDL) goes up and your bad cholesterol (LDL) comes down protecting you from heart disease.

Most other vegetable oils including soybean, peanut, sufflower, corn contain polyunsaturated fats which gets oxidized easily and increase free radicals in the body. They increase inflammation of the body.

60 degenerative diseases are attributed to free radicals. Include atheresclerosis, stroke, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, htn, ageing, arthritis, digestive problems, reproductive problems, cataracts, loss of energy, DM, allergies, failing memory.

Coconut oil with it's medium chain fatty acids reduce inflammation and reduce free radicals.

 It is in many baby formulas. It removes chronic psoriasis, dandruff, chronic fatirue, relive hemorrhoids. BPH, epilepsy, genital herpes, hepatitis C, I+HIV It prevents heart disease. Coconut oil strengthens the immune system.

Rancid and oxidized vegetable oils do not have any particular smell. Most vegetable oils are rancid to a certain extent. When heated unsaturated oils are easily oxidized.  So when we buy vegetable oils it could be quite oxidized and we would not know.

Unsaturated fats increased the incidence of cancer. Asthma, allergies, momory loss, and senility also increased. Coconut oil does not oxidize when heated. It does not incease platelet adhesiveness. Sticky platelets are the main reasons for heart attacks. Margarines have 35 percent transfatty acids. Nurses study which was a large study done in USA showed that transfat increased heart attack risk by 53% and total fat intake did not affect heart disease risk. Transfat causes heart disease, Multiple sclerosis, diverticulitis, DM and other degenerative conditions. Most processed foods, salad dressings contain trans fatty acids. Medium chain fatty acids are given to premature infants.

By the way Short chain are 4-6 carbon atoms, medium chain are 8-12 and long chain are 14-22 fatty acids.

Animal fat as well as polyunsaturated fat increase clotting of the blood by increasing the stickiness of the platelets. (So does olive oil)  Coconut oil as well as fish oil does not increase stickiness of platelets. (But fish oil intake only increases strokes and heart disease and increases mortality, and fish contain more cholesterol than beef or pork)

Infections known to be atheregenic are Helicobacter Pylori, Chlamydia pneumoniaei and CMV virus and are all killed by MFT of coconnut oil. It also kills Heerpes, influenza, bladder infections, gum diseases.

Coconut oil promotes healthy teeth and bones. In 1930s people who lived near ports in New Caledonia (which is a pacific island) had 26 percent dental caries and people on traditional taro and coconut diet had 0.14 percent dental caries. (These people did not brush their teeth or floss)

People with good teeth are generally very healthy. This had been proven by many studies. This was found in other pacific islands as well.  One researcher who published results showing hydrogenated oils caused heart disease could not find funding. (American food industry is very powerful and their funding only promotes their oils)
Sri lanka used to have the lowest heart disease incidence before using other oils and increasing dairy and animal foods intake. Lipid coated bateria are viruses are killed by MCFA by disrupting their membranes. Sebaceous oil protects skin against infections. Coconut oil is 48% lauric acid with highest antimicrobial effect. Laurel tree also provide its seeds with 40% lauric acid. One tablespoon of coconut oil has 7 grams of lauric acid. Breast milk has MFTA. Mother eating coconut oil has more MFTA in her milk. Coconut oil should be eaten if you have a sore throat, Influenza, stomach ulcers, penumonia, sinusitis, earache, rheumatic fever, dental cavities, UTI, Meningitis, gonorrhea, etc. Caprilic acid found in coconut is one of the best treatments for yeast infections. Chlorine has little effect on giadia and cryptosporidium. 2 million Americans get giadiasis every year. 13% of dogs have giadiasis. 20 percent of people have antibodies against giadia. 16% of day care infacts gets giadiasis. Coconut oil effectively kills giadia. Giadia infection cause  sysmptoms  like  flu, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, Chronic fatigue syndrome, leaky gut etc. Coconut oil remove intestinal worms.

MFATs go straight to the liver and are converted to ernergy. Therefore it is diffcult to gain weight on coconut oil which contains mostly medium chain fatty acids. Lingual lipase is in saliva which can break down triglycerides into MCT. Washing frequently removes the MCFA and oil which provide the natural defense against infections.

Coconut oil and garlic mixture helps warts like magic. Long chain fatty acids and glucose both need insulin to enter the cells.
usually breast milk is 45-50 percent Saturated fat, 35 percent monounsaturated fat, 15-20 percent polyunsaturated fat. But it is made of nutrients the mother consumes. Foods richest in MCFA is coconut oil. Eating 3 tbs of coconut oil can increase lauric acid in breast milk from 3.9 percent to 9.6 percent in 14 hours. Mother eating coconut oils prenatally can produce about 18 percent lauric acid. Mother who does not can only produce 3 percent lauric acid.

Coconut oil increases the absorption of calcium and magnesium.
Pardue University researchers found that free radicals from vegetable oil interfere with bone formation. For women pregnenolone line sterols in coconut helps to fight osteoporosis. If the  gall bladder  is removed bile does not flow with a fatty meal. But MCFAs do not need bile fo their digestion. Therefore even a person whose gall bladder has been removed can take coconut oil without any problems. 
Many doctors give antibiotics to patients with viral infections to make them feel better. It does more harm than good. Causes chronic candidiasis.  It can also lead to coconut oil is one of the best solutions for chronic fatigue syndrome.

Medium chain fatty acids kill HIV in labs. Viral membrane absorbs MCFA and breaks apart. Proved by research in philipines. Woman has a 1 in eight chance of breast cancer. Man has one in 9 chance of prostate cancer. MFFAs can prevent cancer of breast and the prostate.

Diabetes is unheard among pacific islanders who eat coconut and taro. ISland of nauru traditional diet was coconut, yams and bananas.  No DM was seen. After phosphate brought riches they are more western foods. Now 34 percent of population has DM.
When Dr Sweeny put Med students on high vegetable oil diet for 48 hours they all developed DM temporarily. When polyunsaturated fats are in the cell membrate cell loses the ability to bind with insulin. Coconut oil can help curing DM.
Liver, detoxify, builds protein and fats, secretes hormones, stores minerals and vitamins, makes bile.

As men age testesterone is converted to dihydrotestesterone DHT and accumulates in the prostate gland. Saw Palmetto relieves painful periods in women. Saw palmetto reduce symptoms in 90 percent of patients in four to six weeks. Proscar only in 35 percent of patients. (proscar causes impotence, decreased libido, and birth defects.). Many fatty acids in the berries of saw palmetto are MCFAs similar to coconut.

Coconut oil reduces epileptic seizures in children by 50 percent. Coconut milk is 17-24 percent fat.

Palm oil is taken from the husk around the seed. It is orange red in color. A cup of dried coconut has 9g of fiber. Broccoli one cup has 3g of fiber.  Cabbage has 2g. It has as much proteins as green beans carrots.

Apply to stretch marks daily and apply to abdomen daily to prevent stretch marks with pregnency.