Death from General Anesthesia

No wedding ring, only suffer-ring

By Manopriya Gunasekara

A man who underwent cosmetic dental surgery at a private hospital in Colombo three months ahead of his proposed marriage has ended up being partially paralyzed prompting him to file action in Courts claiming damages.

Harshana Nayana Jayasekere of Gintota in Galle had decided to undergo cosmetic dental surgery to fix his protruding teeth and gums prior to his wedding which was scheduled for August, 2010, according to his petition field in the Colombo District Court.

He said that after the cosmetic dental surgery, he suffered from multiple and permanent disabilities forcing him to postpone the wedding because he now needs the assistance of another person to get on with his day-to-day life.

Mr. Jayasekere is claiming Rs. 26 million as damages from the hospital, the surgeon and the anaesthetist stating his partial paralysis was due to their negligence. Mr. Jayasekere said he first contacted the surgeon in April 2010 for advice and was told that cosmetic treatment would help him. On this advice he entered hospital in May 2010 and his physical condition at that stage was good.

Before the surgery, he was given general anaesthesia, being told it was a simple operation and he could go home after two days. But he was unconscious for several days. When he gained consciousness he was paralysed and had to undergo a second surgery by neurosurgeons, Mr. Jayasekere said.

After this surgery he gained some movement in his body but remained permanently disabled on the left side. He is also suffering from neurological problems as well as problems in his bowel and bladder movements.

Mr. Jayasekere said he was now unable to use public transport and was dependent on his family members for travel. He also required frequent medical treatment and was unable to return to his job at the Employees Trust Fund office.

He said that besides the loss of his income, he had to spend Rs. 18,600 a month on medical treatment and transport in addition to Rs. 41,000 a month for special diet he required. His bill during his hospitalization amounted to Rs. 2.1 million. His marriage too had to be called off due to these problems and the mental trauma.

Having booked the hotel for the wedding, he had to cancel the booking and bear further financial losses.

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