Dermapen Treatments

Dermapen uses microneedles to create microscopic holes in the skin allowing the underlying skin to regenerate.  It provides a better result when combined with lasers which can expedite skin regeneration.

Pictures below shows many of the conditions that can be treated with dermapen.

Results following a deep scar treatment of upper abdomen.  Results were documented after three treatments.

Skin Warts are very common in people over 40 years of age. Clearance was seen after 4 treatments.

Acne scars respond very well to the dermapen treatment. Above was obtained following 4 treatments.

Dermapen treatment is ideal for hypertrophic scars as shown above.

A remarkable improvement of crows feet lines lateral to the eyes can be obtained with dermapen treatment.

Stretch marks in the abdomen responds well to the dermapen treatment.

Dermapen is wonderful for deep wrinkles of the face.

Here is another deep wrinkle treatment results with dermapen.