Doctors lack Education about nutrition.

Please ask your doctor when you meet again how
many hours of training they received
in medical school on diet and
nutrition and if they replied honestly,
many of them would tell you "none at
all." Most of the rest would say they
received no more than a couple of
hours training.

Landmark report
by the National Academy of Sciences
highlighted the lack of adequate
nutrition education in medical
schools and the writers recommended a
minimum of 25 hours of nutrition
instruction. Two and a half decades
later, a 2010 study by researchers at
the University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill found that the vast
majority of medical schools still
fail to meet the minimum recommended
25 hours of instruction.

The North Carolina researchers found
only about a quarter of 100 schools
surveyed offered the recommended 25
hours of instruction. In addition,
four schools offered nutrition
optionally, and one school offered
nothing at all. Only a quarter of the
schools had even a single course
dedicated to nutrition.

It might surprise most of you to know that only six percent of the graduating doctors from USA has any training in nutrition.
Doctors are
mostly taught only about the power of
prescription drugs and surgery as

The largest source of funding for
medical schools comes from drug
companies and medical schools
curricula are set by the American
Medical Association (AMA). Is it any
surprise that doctors are taught to
treat patients primarily with drugs
and surgery?

Given the power of proper nutrition,
doctors' inability to give informed
nutrition advice surely dooms
millions to early graves due to
illnesses which might have been
prevented or healed. It is a national
health tragedy which begs to be

"Good nutrition will prevent 95
percent of all disease." - Linus
Pauling, two time Nobel Laureate

"Leave your drugs in the chemist's
pots if you can cure your patient
with food." - Hippocrates, "the
father of medicine" whom the
Hippocratic Oath for doctors is named
after. Please check on our articles relating to health and nutrition as well as you tube videos to learn about proper nutrition.