Fish is not Healthy for you

Fish is not healthy for consumption and we will look at the scientific data regarding this matter. We have heard our doctors telling us to eat more fish and take fish oil to protect our hearts.
This is not true.
Fish has more cholesterol and fat than beef or pork. Fish contains mercury and cadmium. Bigger the fish worse is the content of these toxic metals.
Meta review of 15519 articles including 48 randomized controlled trials involving 36913 participants taking fish oil or eating oily fish in BMJ 2006 issue found no health benefits on total mortality, combined cardiovascular events or cancer.
AJC may 2007 may issue, data supporting fish or omega 3 oil and benefit for heart disease were found to be inconclusive. People who chose to eat fish did not smoke, did not eat beef, cheese eggs and did regular exercise. The benefits which were attributed to fish are actually caused by these other lifestyle changes. Specially the diminished intake of meat dairy and chicken.
Dart 2 trial of 3114 men under 70 with angina, one group of men ate two portions of oily fish daily, one group took three fish oils daily and others did not take these. People eating fish and taking fish oil had a higher risk of cardiac death.
EPA and DHA are the omega three fatty acids found in fish. The OMEGA study of 3827 patients treated with EPA and DHA supplement within 3-14 days following a heart attack had no difference in Sudden cardiac death, overall death, repeat heart attack, stroke or heart arrhythmia for need for heart surgery.
BMJ November 2010 issue, randomized controlled trial of 2501 patients with MI, Unstable angina or stroke, found daily omega 3 fatty acids resulted in no reduction in cardiovascular disease over nearly five years of treatment.
Fish oil provides no benefit for Atrial Fibrillation. When we were medical students we were told that fish oil protected your from heart arrhythmia. This is not true.
December 2010 issue of Journal of American medical association, 663 patients with high risk of Atrial fibrillation treated with fish oil showed no benefits over 6 months of treatment.
Patients with coronary artery disease documented by angiograms treated with fish oil or olive oil capsules for 28 months showed increase of stenosis by 2.4 percent and 2.6 percent respectively.
High Mercury levels caused by eathing fish or taking fish oil can be quite damaging.
2002 NEJM Nov issue found high levels of mercury in toenail clippings predicted increased heart disease. Another study Arteioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 2005 June found that high content of mercury in hair is a risk factor for acute coronary events and CVD, CHD, and all cause mortality of middle aged eastern Finnish men.
Cholesterol in fish
Eating fish makes you obese. It increases blood cholesterol. Fish proteins cause calcium loss contriuting to osteoporosis and kidney stones.
Blood thinning properties of fish oil increase the chances of bleeding complications.
Omega three inhibit performance of insulin, increasing blood sugar and aggravating diabetes.
Fish can prolong pregnancy and increase birth weight, with greater chance of fetal death, C section and birth injury.
Increase the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer. Fish eating increase the risk of breast cancer as revealed from a study pulished in NEJM 2002. Study done in Japan revealed that eating fish increases prostate cancer risk.

As a cosmetic surgeon and a cardiologist I am obliged to give my best advice to keep them healthy and slow down ageing.  It is important to stop eating all animal foods including fish.  Please follow the diet I recommend for good health and maintaining beauty.

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