Hand Rejuvenation

A wrinkled, bony hand with large veins, sun spots and deep grooves can reveal an advanced age even though the patientís face, breasts or body have been surgically rejuvenated.

it is a known fact that hands can actually age faster than your face.  Common causes of increased ageing of the hands include, exposure to the sun, eczema, allergies, dermatitis, and faulty life style such as alcohol, smoking, stress, wrong foods, weight cycling etc.

Consequently, plastic, dermatological and cosmetic surgeons have developed techniques to make hands also look younger. Hands are known to reveal an individual's age more than any other area in the human body, mainly because people may pay the least attention to their hands. One of the most common reasons individuals opt for hand rejuvenation techniques are for the development of sun or age spots, loss of volume or shrinking of skin on the surface that usually results in hollowing of hands in addition to the presence of fine lines on the hand giving it an shriveled aged appearance. A few practitioners use dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm but the longer lasting method seems to be fat transfer via injection which is reported to last for years.

These are hands of a 34 year old Sri Lanka Female. She did not want the aged look of her hands and requested fat grafting to be done to rejuvenate her hands. Picture on the right shows the results one month following the fat grafting. As patient get older they may need more than one session of fat grafting to obtain a very good result. Younger patients do better with fat grafting.

You can prevent ageing of hands and remove age spots of the hands with the combination laser treatments. It is important to prevent sun damage to the hands and keep the skin moist.  Proper diet and proper lifestyle is also important. Here fractionated carbon dioxide resurfacing together with IPL and RF had been used to improve age spots of the hand which occurs commonly with the sun damage and the aging.


This is combined with combination of radio frequency, intense pulse light and carbon dioxide resurfacing lasers done once a month for a few months combined with specially formulated creams to further improve the surface of the skin. When combined with a fat grafting technique lasers can provide you with the best rejuvenation results for the hands.