How to prevent andTreat Heart burn GERD

Heart burn is a very common condition. It pccur due to lack of mucus in the esophagus. Stomach is like a blender. Blending require pepsin and HCL. The enzyme pepsin digests protein and needs HCL for proper action. HCL disinfect food and kill many pathogens.

 At the duodenum bicarbonate is added to the food with additional pancreatic enzymes and bile. Bacteria in colon help to manufacture B and K vitamins, Make butyric acid which intestinal wall cells use as nutrition, break down toxins, and prevent infections. Normal gut bacteria helps to maintain hormonal and immune health, and improve mineral absorption.
Low Stomach Acidity is not good for health.
it is usually  caused by, Old Age, Diet full of sugar. (Sugar fermentation creates gas, More fermentation with lower acicity. This gas weakens the gastroesophageal sphincter.) Antacids and acid blocker only give symptomatic relief but create more problems down the line.
Low Acidity causes these problems.
1.  overgrowth of stomach bacteria.
Especially H pylori which causes gastritic and gastric ulcers.
Can lead to irritable bowel syndrome, Increase gut permeability.

2. Autoimmune problems,
Healing heart burn
First you have to follow these dietary measures.

 1. Avoid sugar, chocolate, coffee, tea, garlic, onions, tomatoes, citrus, alcohol
2. Dont overeat,
3. Limit stress,
4. Limit intake of fat.
4. Lose weight, 5. Stop smoking.
Long Term measures to obtain a cure.
1. Have more fat in the diet. No culture ate low fat diet on the earth.
Fat is required for
1. Building blocks for cell membranes,
2. To absorp Vitamins A D Eand K

3. To produce hormones including testesterone and estrogen
4. For proper mental health
5. For healthy skin hair and nails.
6. To improve digestion and absorption of foods.
Further measures
 Use coconut oil or palm oil. Avoid industrial eggs, dairy and meat.
Long term antacid or H2 blocker use increases osteoporosis. Milk pasteurization destroyes alpha phosphatase which is required to absorb calcium. Raw milk consumption increase bone mineralization while pasteurized milk increases osteoporosis.
Beneficial steps to take.
 Beneficial bacteria and Enzymes to improve digestibility. Removing gluten helps with heart burn as well. Beet roots contain Betain Hydrochloride which would increase stomach acid production. Small amount of coconut oil prior to meals also help increase HCL production.
HCL treatment
 Gelatin is mostly proline and glycine which help to heal intestinal lining. It helps leaky gut syndrome. Warming sensation after a meal is caused by HCL in the stomach. For people really deficient with HCL betainHCL supplementation test is done starting with one capsule of 500mg betain hcl. Then titrate up until warm feeling felt. Be careful if taking NSAIDS or aspirin. Apple Cider Viengar can replace betain HCL in a similar fashion.
Problems with PPI drugs.


 When PPI (nexium, prilosec, prevacid etc) are used long term leads to higher C difficile infections, osteoporosis, nutritional deficiencies. (B12) Fermented codliver oil gives you a good boost to protect intestinal lining and increase HCL production.
Best treatment of heart burn
 Use the proper diet.
 Initially cut down fat, alcohol smoking, stress, chicken, meat and dairy food.
 Later add good fat from coconut sources
 Add vitamin D3K2, magnesium to diet.
 Treat with antioxidants to heal mucosa. We use a combination of 7 antioxidant capsules.
 Consider gelatin, beet, apple cider vinegar