How to be Fair

Many women in Sri Lanka wants to be fair.  Becoming fair is not that difficult. It is important that a person does not get exposed to the sun and has the ability to stay away from the direct sun light before using treatments to become fair. 

Skin is prettier when the skin color is uniform and has no pigmentations or scars. Most people wants the best skin on their face while it is good to have the same good looking skin elsewhere in the body as well.

for the face it is best to start with laser treatments which provide you with the best skin color as well as the sheen which we lose as our skin gets damaged with sun, aging as well as toxins. Laser treatments are done once a month for about three to start with and then maintained every two to six months. In addition to becoming fairer and even toned lasers can also make your skin younger looking and prevent aging.

Lasers we recommend is a combination of IPL ( Intensed Pulse Light) combined with radio frequency and carbon dioxide laser resurfacing. This combination provides the best antiaging and removes pigmentations, acne scars and improves wrinkles of the skin. It also removed the damage from the sun and removes the risk of skin cancer.

The patient above came for removing of her acne and acne related pigmentation. She was quite happy with the improved skin fairness.  Once you do a laser it is important to provide the skin with natural nutrition needed and with our night creams the nutrition as well as natural substances such as antioxidants and vitamins are provided for lasting skin fairness.

The same night cream can be used on skin in the rest of the body to obtain fairness. We recommend glutathione taken as a tablet daily and then taking it once a month as a boost for skin fairness program. For patients who are looking to become fair but has very little time should use glutathione weekly upto 3-10 doses for the best results.  Staying away from the sun is very important to keep your skin fair. It is very important to remember that even a very fair person can become darker with continued exposure to the sun. In addition to that sunlight will make you age faster and make your skin tone uneven and increase your risk of skin cancer and melanoma.

This patient became fair with laser, creams as well as intravenous glutathione injections.

The patient above enhanced her facial shape with fat grafting technique and liposuction of the chin. Her skin color was improved with night cream, glutathione injections and tablets as well as skin laser treatments.

This patient got her skin color improved with laser treatments and night creams.