Iodine for  Antiaging

 Iodine has been used as a medicine since prehistoric times for about 15000 years. In 1970s anti iodine compound bromine was added to flour. Bromine was added to mattresses, foods and other consumer products. Since 1970-2000 it is well known that thyroid and breast disease skyrocketed in USA. Lack of iodine also lowers IQ and increases obesity.  It is important to know that iodine is mostly utilized by thyroid tissue and female organs and breast as well as male sexual organs. Yet all cells require adequate iodine for proper function. 

 In Russia people used to inhale iodine to prevent respiratory infections.
A little known fat is that radiation therapy for breast cancer does not increase the survival of a breast cancer patient. For a regular person it is recommended that iodoral be taken as a daily supplement starting with 12.5mg dosage. Many people have noticed that within two hours taking a high dose iodoral supplement their  brain function improved in a noticeable manner.

 Since 1970 bromine has purged iodine from our bodies. Most fireretardents are brominated.
Bromine is also used in pesticides.
Bromide dominance is the basis of the iodine deficiency for most people today.
According to WHO iodine deficiency is the most preventable cause of mental retardation.

Current Status
Since 1970s iodine consumption has decreased 50 percent.
Diseases of the breast, prostate and thyroid increased during that time.
Iodine deficiency in pregnant women has produced less intelligent children.

Past usage of iodine
 In the past iodine is used to treat, goiter, atheresclerosis, symphilis, uterine fibroids, Mercury, lead and arsenic poisoning, swollen glands, prostatic hypertrophy, scarlet fever, Bronchitis and penumonia, Obesity, Depression, Breast pain, Eczema, Genitourinary disease. Malaria, Ovarian cysts, Rheumatism, Tonsilitis, Cough

Daily Requirement
 Four pounds of fish a day is needed to get enough iodine but that would have a lot of mercury.
RDA is 150 mcg only and that is the amount to prevent goiter.
Every cell in the body contains iodine.

Conditions benefiting from Iodine
 Partial list of conditions helped with iodine.
Allergies, Brain fog, Dry Skin, Cysts and nodules, Fatigue, thyroid problems, ovarian problems, unclear thinking, menstrual irregularities, Weight gain, breast pain, feeling cold, gum infection, psoriasis, DM2, Hair loss, puffy face, fertility problems, depression, blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, blood pressure, cholesterol, scars, infections, genital herpes, miscarraige, fibromyalgia, hearing loss, prostate disease, lung conditions, constipation, fertility in women, vaginal infections, eye problems, neck pain, GERD, Eczema, Increased sex drive, increased erections and semen wehen applied to testicles.

 Seaweed can have arsenic, heavy metals, oil spill dispersants, or radiation.
Iodine loading test is a good way to find out how iodine deficient you are.
 After 50mg of Iodoral if you are not deficient in Iodine all of it will be excreted in urine during next 24 hours

Lugolís solution
 If you are allergic to iodized salt you may be allergic to iodine.
Iodine detoxifies heavy metals and halogens. It works as an adaptogen.
Iodine helps diabetic gastropathy. Iodine in the form of seaweed was the first antioxidant used in human culture.  Iodoral 12.5mg tablet has 5mg of iodine and 7.5mg of potassium iodide. Lugolís 5% solution 2 drops are equal to 12.5mg of iodoral.

Donít use povidone, betadine or tincture
 Tincture of iodine should not be consumed. Even betadine and povidone iodine are toxic if ingested.
When taking iodine it is ok to take cruciferous vegetables.
For iodine stains use vitamin C paste soaking to remove it.

Hashimotos disease
 Problems with Hashimotos disease is a combined deficiency of iodine and selenium.
Women need more iodine after puberty.
Breasts have many iodine receptors. Iodine detoxify fluids in breasts and eliminate cysts which harbor toxins.
In animal studies when iodine is blocked fibrocystic breast disease develops.

Iodine program
 Most doctors think iodine is dangerous based on an erroneous study.
Iodine loading program
iodoral tabs 12.5mg daily,
300+600m of magnesium
1000mg vitamin C tid,
half tsp salt with food
additional 1/4 tsp of salt bid, in eight oz of water.
After two weeks raise iodoral to 25mg daily and after another two weeks raise to 50mg daily. If brain fog or headache starts can quit on week ends.
Best taken with food in the morning.

 For breast cysts progeterone creams together with Lugols iodone has been used as an application on the breasts.
Iodine may cause detoxing side effects as it remove bromine and fluoride from the body.
If bromine detoxification occurs some times bromine causes sedation, headaches, fatigue or runny nose. Salt water and vitmain C helps to get rid of bromides from liver and kidneys.

Increases testesterone
 Iodine increases free testesterone levels. Cherry angiomas go away with continuous iodine therapy. Some people start taking iodine every 48 hours. This is good for people who are toxic.
A few patients may get temporary swelling of the thyroid gland for a short term following iodine replacement.
 Sometimes ferritin levels drop initially.
If the thyroid hormones are prescribed or increased then thyroid steals iodine and breast pain can recur.

 Why is bromine dangerous to your health
Bromide is aquired through baked goods, fire retardants and pesticides. Brominated fire retardants are found in rugs, cars, mattresses, upholstery, electronics, childrens pijamas, draperies and childrens toyes.

 Most flour is bromated. Some sodas and sports drinks contain bromide. BVO stands for brominated vegetable oil.
Many countries have banned bromide.
UK banned bromate in bread in 1990. Canada banned bromate in bread in 1994. Sweden banned bromide in fire retardents.
Bromine is known to cause infertility.
Bromainated fire retardents acnt like PCBs and can increase female births.

Wolff-Chaikoff assumption is wrong
 the Wolff-Chaikoff assumption that iodine shuts down thyroid gland is not correct. In 1970 iodine was removed from Bread in USA and then later bromide was added to the bread.
From factory to grocery store half the iodine in iodized salt has escaped to the air. Once a salt is opened in 20-40 days another haf is lost to the air. Processed salts come with aluminum anticaking chemicals.