Irradiated food is not Safe

There is a big threat to us with irradiated food (Using nuclear waste products) used by large corporations. In most countries including USA no labelling is required for irradiated foods. FDA denies any major risk to health andthis is a typical statement from FDA

A typicalstatement published by the US FDA is: “Despite its limited use in the past, use of food irradiation is increasing as consumers are beginning to appreciate the benefits of irradiated food”.

Food radiation starts at 1 KiloGray  which is about 30 milion chest x ray doses. It is about 2000 times the lethal dose for humans.  Is it really safe for us to eat this kind of food.  Even bacteria (each of us have about 2Kg of beneficial bacteria in our guts helping us to achieve perfect health) stops eating even very slightly irradiated food.  Radiation of food not only kills that food but produce a large rage of carcinogenic and toxic products.  These include benzene, formaldehyde (Embalming fluid), formic acid, and alkylcyclobutanones.

Farmers are now using animal industy wastes as manure for their vegetable farming.  These animals are given about 51 different kind of antibiotics therefore this animal waste can contain deadly and multiple antibiotic resistant bacteria. With massive doses of radiation the vegetables grown in such environments can be pushed into supermakets can be called safe for human consumption in spite of the health hazards of radiation which I mentioned above.

Once the vegetables are killed with radiation they last longer on the selves of supermakets so they prefer them to non radiated normal vegetables.

Recent European-US trade disputes relating to GM rice produced in the US (and called “basmati rice”) was not because of the name of the rice , but the genetic modification of this rice. Now a lot of rice brought to europe are irradiated.

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