Fillers vs  Fat with Stem Cells

Many people have heard about fillers. But most of them do not know about the side effects of fillers.
Also in canada lip necrosis ocurred in a patient with injection of restylane and one patient has lost vision partially.  I have seen two patients with permanent ugly lumps on the face following fillers injected under the eye region.  When you use your own fat for grafting you are obtaining a natural and a lasting rejuvenation thanks to the stem cells present in abundance in your adipose tissue. Please read the section on facial rejuvenation and around the eye rejuvenation for further details. Please understand the importance of Stem Cells in this article.
 Fillers are used to replace volume lost through aging or disease and to correct wrinkles of the skin and to augment facial features such as cheeks and chin. There are two kinds of fillers used in Aesthetic Medicine.

 Absorbable and Permanent / non degradable. Permanent fillers usually cause more side effects than absorbable fillers.

Degradable fillers only last for about 6-8 months and has to be repeated. Permanent fillers have a higher incidence of granulomatous reactions.

 A persons own fat is the best filler in the world to perform all the filling since it is the most natural tissue containing the healing stem cells. Every other filler will cause harm to the face in the short and the long term and will accelerate the aging process. When the fat is transferred to the face with new techniques you can obtain the best appearance in the short term and slowing of the ageing process and healing of the existing damage to the skin in the long term.  Skin ulceration and eczema of skin has been a common complication for many patients after fillers.

Here is a young lady who got fillers in her lips a few times and developed a painful lump caused by fillers.


The surgeon had to remove the hardened filler material with surgery.



This is a complication which does not happen with the fat grafting. Non absorbable fillers can only be removed surgically and should not be used to augment lips.

The best way to augment lips is to use the persons own fat to augment lips and surrounding structures. Fat with stem cells is a long term solution and avoid all of the above complications of artificial fillers. Proper augmentation includes filling of lip contour, obtaining fullness of the entire lip (wet area as well as dry area) and to create proper pouting, filling of the philtrum and oral commissures.
Some filers like poly-L-Lactic Acid can migrate and cause granulomas at sites distant from the primary injection.

See how fillers ruined this model's face.
These are the fillers which have been used in USA and Europe.

  • Artecol
  • Aquamid
  • Bioinblue
  • Dermalive
  • Dermadeep
  • Evolution
  • Sculptra
  • Isolagen
  • Radiesse
  • Juvederm
  • Restylane
  • Macrolane
  • Revidem
  • Outline
  • softform Gore Tex Implant

There is simply no substitute for your own fat for filling of the facial wrinkles. A fat graft done in my office with 20cc of patients own fat costs about 120000 rupees whereas to get the same amount of filling with restylane would cost about 8 lacks. And restylane would be gone away in six months and can cause permanent damage to your skin. Fat brings permanent rejuvenation with new blood vessels which form to support the fat graft.