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Lipolifting is a new concept in cosmetic surgery.  For years people have been struggling with uneven results with the old techniques of liposuction. These results can be consistently when liposuctions are performed using old techniques. Almost all the patients I have seen with liposuctions performed in Sri Lanka with the old techniques had these unevenness of their skin. In addition to that many scars are formed in the fat tissue due to the trauma of the old techniques making it difficult to remove that uneven skin with a new procedure.

With the new techniques we use the skin surface always heal evenly and skin tightens upto three months following the liposuction.  There is no scar formation in the fat tissue with the new techniques.  Bleeding and bruising which happen commonly with old techniques sometimes requiring blood transfusions  does not happen with the new technique.   In USA most our patients were able to go to work right after the surgery and therefore there was no down time. 

Now we perform lipolifting with every liposuction so the patients can obtain maximum skin tightness following a liposuction procedure.  It is provided witout an additional charge.