Why Vegan diet is the best in the world and why I stopped eating animal proteins to slow down aging.

It is important for us to know for sure how best we should manage our diet. By eating well we can prevent 80% of the diseases that can disable us and can lead to a premature death. Heart disease, cancer and strokes are the reasons why most people on earth die prematurely. All these can be prevented by not eating Animal Proteins. Refined, processed and animal based foods are the cause of many deaths. The same foods cause low energy, obesity and many other health problems which affect people in day to day life.

In 1913 people in USA ate 4 pounds of refined food for an year. By 1999 people ate 199 pounds of refined foods.

Cholesterol is what blocks coronary arteries to cause heart problems. Cholesterols can only be found in Animal Products.

In rural china in 1970 the risk of heart disease  was 12 times lower than USA.

Only difference in the diet was that people in Papua New Guinea and Rural China did not eat any Animal Products or very little of it.

When Germans occupied Norway in world war two they took over the livestock and farm animals to provide for their own troops. So the people of Norway had to reduce their meat and dairy product intake drastically. With reduction of their animal proteins in the diet the heart disease risk went down drastically.

No drugs available today including statins and all the medical care could not have done what the diet achieved in that period. The reduction of deaths from heart diseases was that dramatic.

After 1945 Germans withdrew from Norway and people went back to increased meat, dairy products in their diet. Then the deaths from heart diseases went back up immediately.

When we eat food we feel satisfied when our stomach is full. With unprocessed natural food the stomach is filled easily without taking in a lot of calories.  You fee full after eating raw vegetables even though you have eaten a small amount of calories.

For example 400 calories of pure fat would not make you full at all.

 All organisms are work on the principal of motivational triad.

1. Pleasure seeking (Food and Sex)  2. Pain avoidance and 3. Do things with a least amount of effort. With processed foods a lot of calories are packed into a small amount of food which can be very addicting to us due to the above principals.

Studies have shown that plant based whole food diet has reversed established coronary artery disease which could not be done with surgery, stents or medicine.
Blood vessels in the human body are lined with endothelial cells. There are enough endothelial cells in a human body to cover eight tennis courts. Endothelial cells produce Nitric Oxide which helps blood circulate smoothly.

It helps to dilated constricted blood vessels and keeps the inflammation down thereby inhibiting the formation of the plaque. (Cholesterol plaques cause the blockage which kills people with the heart attack)

When we start eating a diet with dairy products and meat the endothelial cells start getting damaged with formation of the plaque. The process starts at an early age such as twenties. This damage can only be reversed by eating a plant based whole food diet and avoidance of meat, dairy products and other animal foods.
Half the people who have blocked coronary arteries and suffer from heart attacks have normal cholesterol and no symptoms to begin with.  And half of that (in 25%) sudden death is the first symptom.

Above shows a blocked coronary artery of such a person. That patient happens to be a renowned cardiologist. He went on a plant based whole foods diet and stopped eating meat, dairy products and fish and after three years his blockage cleared completely.  He did not take any other drugs.

This is the coronary angiogram which proved that the blockage has cleared. Click below to continue to the next page.

Why Vegan diet is the best in the world and why I stopped eating animal proteins to slow down aging 2