Plastic Surgery Disasters


I am one of the leading doctors of the entire world when it comes to stem cell rejuvenation of the face.  This webpage provide some of the world famous disasters of plastic surgery. 

Plastic surgeons resort to cutting surgeries of the face such as face lift, blepheroplasty, forehead lift because of the old fashioned belief that people age due to loosening of the skin.  But the reason for ageing is the volume loss due to atrophy of the bone, muscles, fat and other tissues of the face. Laxity of skin is the secondary.  If you treat the old look with cutting the skin off you get a weird look.   You would never make that face prettier and younger.

Where as fat grafting (Stem cell Grafting) to the face makes the face prettier and younger for a very long time.

Above picture shows what happens to a face with aging. All the wringles of the skin are caused by the loss of volume of the face. Although the face looks fatter due to drooping skin in actuality a lot of the original fat of the face is lost to the aging process.

A woman after her child bearing age does not have to attract the opposite sex.

Therefore nature does not provide a lot of stem cells in the fat of the face.
As we age we need to store more energy as fat.
Our storage fat therefore grows with aging and is provided with a lot of stem cells.

Stem cells are capable of converting into any other cell and therefore is essential to rejuvenation and repair of any tissue.

Traditional facelift involved removing skin from the face and stitching it tight. Structures under the skin were tightened at the same time.

Skeletonized mask like face of Donatella Versace after face lifting and collagen fillers to the lips. This very rich lady got the wrong advice from her plastic surgeon. They also put a lot of collagen into her lips making her lips look unnatural.

This is the before and after look of Sylvestor Stallones mother. With facelift a windswept appearance or a mask like appearance is obtained.
It is different from the younger face the patient had before.
Facelift results lasted only about five years.
Due to the cutting involved and damage to the blood vessels patients aged faster.

Many people go abroad to get thread lifts and vector lifts. Again skin was pulled up with threads and other artificial things.
Results does not make patients younger.
There was no skin improvement.
Results do not last long and are natural. Can be visible and painful.

Above picture shows he amount of skin cut and removed during a traditional face lift. You would end up with a scar which is life long. Due to cuts and pressure on the normal structures of the face.
Because of this interference with the blood circulation and nerve function the face will age faster than normal after these procedures.

Above shows the very natural antiaging and lifting of the face obtained with a fat grafting technique. I performed this surgery about 12 years ago and patient still looks younger than at that time. Now this can be done as a very small one hour procedure for removal of wrinkles of the face, or lip augmentation or chin augmentation.
Basic facial rejuvenation with a complete liposuction takes only 4-5 hours.

Patients are usually able to return to work after a couple of days following a mini fat graft
With complete fat graft one week of recovery is necessary due to the swelling of the face.
Mini Fat graft for under the eye and lip augmentation on the right. Performed in 1 hour. Cost Rs 55000

About 40cc of patients fat is used for a full fat grafting rejuvenation of the face.
This costs about Rs 150000.
Basic Fat rejuvenation is 10000
If a filler is used it would cost about 1.4 million rupees for the same amount of filling.

Most fillers are temporary and permanent fillers are dangerous.

Temporary fillers last only a few months.
Fat can last forever in some form or other.
Storage fat contains the stem cells. Stem cells can become any other cell in the body and repair the damage done from aging

Fillers can cause permanent lumps.

Here is a young lady who got fillers in her lips a few times and developed a painful lump caused by fillers. Hardened filler material is removed by surgery.

Permanent filler injected in upper lip, causing cosmetic deformity, as well as functional problem of persistent capping and ulceration. 

When Filler injections are done for lip augmentation the lips look like sausages. Blood vessels never grow into the fillers and fillers can never provide a natural form or color.
Fat on the other hand provide a very natural color and shape.

Permanent filler injected in face for volumizing that resulted in necrotic tissue and abscess formation, necessitating surgical drainage and repair under general anesthesia.

Italian socialite Michaela Romanini whose plastic surgeons gave her face lifts and injected her lips with collagen making her very ugly.

The beautiful singer Madonna had her face  ruined by her plastic surgeon with cheek implants. She was given fillers to her lips to make them really ugly.

This woman has spent $4 million on plastic surgery. I would want my money back. She only wanted to look nicer.
Jocelyn is a wealthy socialite. This is what a whole lot of bad plastic surgery, cutting and wrong fillers do for you.

Forehead lifts and face lifts are never going to make your prettier and younger. You just look stretched. Here is Kenny Rogers before and now to prove the point.

The famous actress of Charlies Angels Farrah Fawcett had various fillers causing severe facial deformities

This models face was ruined by fillers
Most people get the right idea that filling is the way to go. But they go wrong by using artificial fillers.

Here is lil kims rhinoplasty gone wrong.
Many famous people including Micheal Jackson had disastrous results with this surgery.


Micheal thought his nose was too big. His plastic surgeons cut him 49 times and used numerous artificial fillers and a chin implant to make him look really ugly.

Here is a forty odd year old patient who had her eye bags, pronounced nasolabial folds thinning lips and loose chin corrected with fat graft. She is so happy and has planned another fat graft.

This patient had a square shaped face with pronounced under the eye sinking, which was corrected with fat grafting. Her chin was beautifully extended. Her skin color was improved with laser, glutathione injections and creams.

This young patient had lower facial fat collection removed with liposuction. Her cheeks, lips, chin and eye brows augmented with fat grafting. Most people have small cheeks making their nose big. Fat graft to the cheeks make the nose look smaller.

So If you want to look younger and prettier dont think of plastic surgeons. Think about Dr Nimal Gamage, the only a cosmetic surgeon in Sri Lanka who is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons.