Young people dying from Running

Just after crossing the finish line of the Virginia Beach Shamrock Half Marathon on Sunday, 16-year-old Cameron Gallagher collapsed.

The Richmond-area teen, an accomplished swimmer, had just completed her first half marathon in two hours and 19 minutes with her best friend Abby Donelson by her side. Her parents, David and Grace, who had been cheering her on, rushed over when she fell to the ground.

Gallagher was carried to the EMS tent and then rushed to a local hospital, where doctors were unable to revive her. She died close to 11 am, an hour-and-a-half after she lost consciousness.

The cause of death has not yet been officially released, but it is believed to have been cardiac arrest.

The website Runners World released an article stating that on the same day another half-marathoner in England died after crossing the finish line, while double Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah required emergency resuscitation after collapsing after finishing the New York half marathon.

Friends and family of Cameron expressed their tremendous grief and shared stories of her inspiring life.

“Grace and I were given a gift to be with her during her accomplishment and we were with her in end,” David said in a statement. “Please use Cameron’s story as an inspiration to set goals, overcome obstacles and fight the good fight. She did that every day.”

One of five siblings, Cameron was a student at Douglas S. Freeman High School, where she was a champion swimmer. Wanting to take on a new challenge, she began training for the half marathon nine weeks ago with Donelson.

She was also organizing the Speaking Up 5k, a charity race for suicide awareness scheduled to coincide with National Depression and Anxiety Week in May. The night before the Shamrock Half Marathon, she posted the following on Speaking Up 5k

You may have heard of many people dying after a run.  Heavy exercises increases the free radical formation in the body.  Many marathon runners die early in their lives from heart disease.  For most women heavy exercises increased the ageing of the face because of loss of fatty tissue and increasing of wrinkles.
We see a lot of rich fat people running in parks and thinking that they are getting into supreme health.  At the same time they keep to their toxic diet and dont know any better because of their doctors who are brainwashed by the western medicine and pharmaceutical industry. Today only a few doctors fully understand the importance of nutrition in preventing and curing the chronic diseases caused by the toxic diet. So much so that today the American doctors have a much shorter lifespan than the regular American people.

At our clinic we train people to do exercises while sitting on a chair to keep their bodies in good shape. These are called antiageing exercises and are known to decrease blood pressure and prolong life. Most americans today are on the SAD or standard american diet with 70 percent of the foods coming from animal sources. If you look at the ageing charts if becomes obvious that there had not been any lengthening of life during the past few decades.


If you look at the above chart it makes it obvious that over the last 150 years people have been saved from early deaths due to improvement of economy and medical advances. But the cancer rates keep going higher and higher due to faulty diets.

Even when adjusted for the ageing of the population (popular theory of some western doctors who subscribe to the false belief that now people are ageing more therefore we are seeing more cancers) you can see from the above chart that breast cancer rates have sky rocketed in USA and the western world. It is fast becoming a common cause of death in Sri Lankan women as well.  There is an urgent  need to educate the population of the serious threat from milk and milk products, meat fish and eggs to their health.  Once you get a cancer western medicine can save only a small proportion of the people.  If a person would follow the non toxic diet I am prescribing you can prevent 95 percent of the cancers, 98 percent of the heart diseases and most people can live 10-20 years longer without diseases. Please read about all the antiageing programs on our website and you tube presentations.