Safety of  Tumescent Liposuction

I heard from one of my patients that there have been  recent reports of a liposuction death in a leading hospital in Sri Lanka.  These kind of incidents make headline news once in a while. There have been several reports of deaths by gastric bypass surgery. 
The best technique of losing weight and getting back to your best shape is using our tumescent liposuction technique to remove ugly storage fat in your tummy, back, arms, thighs and lower face including chin followed by our most advanced diet techniques.  We also train you to do antiaging exercises using only a chair at your own home for further improvement of your body shape.

Most people today are unaware that doctors affiliated with American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery have been performing liposuction under local anesthesia since 1989 without any risk of death.   I have currently performed over 12000 surgeries using this new technique without causing any complications.
Normally in the world of drugs when a new drug is found for a disease which does not cause any deaths the old drug is taken out of the market right away. But old surgical techniques for liposuction are allowed and practiced for years even though this new safe technique has been around since 1989.

Reasons why this happens is that surgeons who have learnt the old technique are reluctant to practice and learn the new techniques.  Sure it might take about 1000 surgeries before you become an expert in this new surgical technique. Still it is no excuse to subject a patient who is only trying to look younger and prettier to a potential death. This article beautifully summarizes the safety of these new techniques.
I am an active member of American Academy of cosmetic surgeons and follow their guidelines for the safety of my patients. Above review of literature compare the old liposuction under general anesthesia to the new technique with tumescent (A special form of local anesthesia) to reveal the safety and benefits of the new technique.
When over 100000 body areas of liposuction were performed with the new technique there had not been any death, emboli, hypovolemic shock, perforation of thorax or peritoneum, or toxic reactions to drugs.

In contrast the old technique under general anesthesia carries complications of deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolus, abdominal or other organ perforation, infection and bleeding.  It also included necrotizing fasciitis, (flesh eating bacteriaP, gas gangrene and different form of sepsis.  People also died from hemorrhages, perforation of the abdominal viscera and pulmonary embolism.

Furthermore some people erroneously think that when under general anesthesia there is less pain.  New techniques are performed with minimal discomfort and the initial anesthesia feels like a mosquito bite. Fat tissue has very little nerves and tumescent anesthesia is almost painless in most patients who can talk and even sing during the surgery.  Most patients can get up and go to the bathroom or have a tea break in the middle of surgery. Most of our patients also get a meal break during surgery. Most of the pain from old technique comes from severe post op pain. Our patients can go shopping or go for a meal afterwards and can return to work few hours later.  With added power assisted liposuction the skin is also partially anesthetized for a few weeks making the post operative period almost painless. Only milder pain relievers are needed if at all.  It is also important to notice that in the hands of an inexperienced surgeons who do not follow the proper guidelines you can still have serious complications.  As a cardiologist and an Internal Medicine specialist my primary concern is the safety of the patient. Surgeons are known to take more risks such as subjecting patients to multiple surgeries on the same sitting and using sedatives and other local anesthetics other than lidocaine.

More importantly nobody in my opinion should undertake a death risk when you go for cosmetic surgery. After all we are not treating a life threatening condition. You can see the experience of some real patients in my You Tube videos by clicking this link.