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Anti-aging Treatments

The excessively dark complexion is a problem for many people is Asia. Skin whitening is done by reducing the content of melanin which is the pigment of the skin. Many people of skin color prefer to obtain a lighter skin color. Sometimes skin whitening can be done to reduce the darker color of specific areas of the body such as groin area, under the arms or buttock regions.  There are many skin whiening compounds in the market but there has also been many reports of severe reactions including skin burns and skin damage due to usage of these products.  Please read about dangers of skin whitening creams.  Also read about dangerous skin whitening creams containing mercury.

In our clinic skin whitening is started with patient education about dangers regarding exposure to the sun light. A person considering the skin lightening treatment must be able to avoid exposure to the sun during the treatment as well as thereafter. The whiter skin is more susceptible to skin damage due to the sun exposure. It will repigment the skin as well as increase the risk of premature aging and wrinkles of the skin as well as skin cancers.

Best treatment for skin whitening is obtained with a combination of antioxidants ( ten bottles of capsules per month) together with a day cream to be applied at day time twice a day and a night cream applied once at night.  People with skin patches are recommended to use a day cream as well.)  This uses the antioxidant network to produce glutathione within the cells. It gives you faster results than the glutathione injection without any side effects. 


Complete avoidance of the sun is recommended after that.  Since antioxidants essentially make your body and mind healthy it is important to stay on a healthy diet.  If your diet contain sugar, alcohol, dairy foods and meat the toxins entering the body will use the same antioxidants for detoxification.  Therefore you will obtain less results.

The patient got rid of most of her skin pigmentation and got a remarkable lift of her face. She also got tightening of her skin in the neck and chin with more definition of her jaw lines. Lift is most noticeable at the corner of her mouth.

Some times darkening of the skin happens in the pubic region. It may be due to Ageing, Obesity, recurring hair removal, menstruation, chronic diseases, environmental factors, metabolic diseases or chronic infections. The treatment is with lasers similar to the treatment above. This can cause a constant sense of uncleanliness and discomfort despite frequent washing and have important effects on a womans self esteem and sexual life.

Treatment of the dark skin of lips or underarm area can also be done in a similar fashion.

There are a lot of men who have done our treatments and have obtained remarkable results. Above is a gentlemen who sent these pictures to me recently. Picture on the left was four years ago.  After two years of treatment he took the picture on the right.