Stem Cells

CellStem cells are able to differentiate into other cells.


When amputated the Ambystoma Mexicanum can regenerate the whole limb from stem cells.

Human embryo is full of stem cells and when injured shows a different way of recovering compared to adults.

Adults have less stem cells and the recovery from an injury results in a scar formation.


 TGhre are three types of stem cells

1. Toti potent stem cells. These can differentiate into any kind of cells. There are present in the embryo. They can even produce another tropoblast (early embryo)

2. Pleuripotent Stem cells. These can produce all cells but cannnot produce another tropoblast.

3. Multipotent Stem cells. These can differentiate into more than one cell type.

Fat contains a large amount of Multipotent stem cells. They are also called adult stem cells.

These cells are capable of producing different kinds of cells including

1. endothelial cells,  2. bone cells  3. fat cells  4. perivascular cells such as smooth muscles  and 5. cartilage cells.

Currently stem cells are the reason why fat transfer causes rejuvenation of the face. In our practice we also use fat cells to rejuvenate buttocks, breasts, hands and any other areas as needed.
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