Eight Steps To Wellness

Eight Steps to Wellness


From Suzanne Somers’ BREAKTHROUGH


Breakthrough medicine is about building up our bodies to the point that we

never suffer from illness in the first place.


Step 1:  Get Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

  • As we age, certain hormones diminish, creating an imbalance that can set off everything from perimenopause to cancer, beginning as early as our thirties.
  • These cutting-edge doctors explain that they can’t even begin to take a patient through the next seven steps to healthy longevity until their hormones are balanced.
  • With many people, once their hormones are balanced, they no longer need sleep medications, anti-inflammatories, and statin drugs like Lipitor. Cases of high cholesterol disappear.
  • Too many people are “toughing it out” due to all the negative publicity surrounding hormone replacement, which is always about synthetic hormones, like Premarin and Prempro, not bioidentical hormones.
  • Premarin and Prempro are made from pregnant mare’s urine, and have been shown to increase cancer and vascular risks. A horse has 34 different estrogens, not including estriol (the component of estrogen that protects women from breast cancer), and none of these are compatible with a human woman. Why is Wyeth Pharmaceuticals selling over $2 billion worth of these dangerous drugs yearly to unsuspecting women?


Step 2: Avoid Chemicals and Detoxify Your Body

·         Pesticides and plastics can abnormally increase your estrogen and cause estrogen dominance, which can predispose women to cancer.

·         Maintain a household free of chemicals, contaminants, and toxic cleaners. Substitute natural cleaning products, such as distilled white vinegar, baking soda, Borax, lemon juice, citrus cleaners, Castile soaps, and safe commercial products.

·         Filtering your water is essential.

·         Keeping your lymph system—the body’s “vacuum cleaner”—moving and healthy is essential for detoxifying the body; we have three times more lymph fluid in our bodies than blood. Correct diet, infrared sauna, dry skin brushing, and jumping on a min trampoline all help keep the lymph’s flowing.

·         Build your immune system. People deficient in vitamin C are more susceptible to environmental pollutants, and exposure to toxins like lead or benzene will deplete your vitamin C stores. A vitamin C drip, administered by your doctor, can help.


Step 3: Take Nutrition Seriously

·         The typical Western diet, high in red meats, bad fats, food additives and carbohydrates is a perfect cancer brew.

·         Children start out handicapped in the womb; pregnant mothers drinking diet soda pass along every chemical they consume—chemicals that have been proven to destroy brain cells.

·         Good oils like olive, flax, and coconut oil, are used to create cell membranes. When the correct materials are lacking, your body makes cell membranes out of whatever raw materials are available, like margarine, vegetable shortening, breakfast cereals, and pastries. Cell membranes built from these inappropriate fats and oils cause the membrane and the entire cell to malfunction. A cell built from hydrogenated oil impairs the passage of oxygen into the cell and oxygen deficient cells become cancerous.


Step 4: Create a Health G.I. Tract

·         Without a healthy gut, you cannot have health. The gastrointestinal tract is the largest component of your immune system.

·         If you don’t chew your food long enough to break it down, large clumps of food will be trying to work their way through the maze of your gut, causing indigestion, acid reflux, gas, bloating, and other uncomfortable symptoms and disease.

·         When the GI tract deteriorates, you may experience more serious problems: allergies, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, lupus, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, and eczema.

·         Surprisingly, macular degeneration—the leading cause of central vision loss for those over 50 in the U.S.—has its origins in the GI tract.

·         Eat probiotics like acidophilus and bifidobacteria, take digestive enzymes, eat some raw food daily, and consume optimum amounts of fiber and essential fatty acids.


Step 5: Avoid Pharmaceuticals Unless Absolutely Necessary

·         Pharmaceuticals are a godsend for pain, infection, mental illness, and other conditions, but whenever you can treat a problem or condition without pharmaceuticals, it is always the better, safer way.

·         Drugs don’t heal, they “handle” the ailment, often causing dangerous side effects.

·         Instead of Ambien for sleep problems, why not take melatonin, a natural over-the-counter hormone intended for sleep and also an effective antioxidant made in our bodies until we reach middle age.

·         Statins (like Lipitor) inhibit the creation of cholesterol, but harm the cells’ mitochondria, causing problems both with brain cell development and energy. Instead of statins, why not take over-the-counter niacin and/or nattokinase, a natural blood thinner?

·         Bioidentical hormone replacement helps regulate your mood and can eliminate the need for antidepressants. It also helps control cholesterol.


Step 6: Supplement Your Diet

·         Our food supply is horribly depleted and largely deficient, contaminated by pesticides, herbicides, cold storage, early picking, “beautifying” at supermarkets, nonorganic soils, acid rain, and much more. To get all the proper nutrients we need to build healthy cells, it is vital we supplement our already good diets.

·         Every cell in the body requires good nutrition to replicate. Supplementation makes sense, putting back into your body what is lost due to toxicity, stress, or normal aging.

·         Resveratrol protects against disease, curcumin eliminates free radicals, pomegranate extracts help protect against heart disease and prostate cancer, green tea extracts increase fat burning and improve insulin sensitivity, and essential fatty acids such as fish oils strengthen cell membranes.


Step 7: Exercise Regularly

·         Even a brand new car, left in the garage for weeks, will sputter and choke from lack of use when you go to start it up.

·         Walking 40 minutes a day is miraculous for the frame.

·         Free weights stimulate bone growth and give beautiful definition to our muscles.

·         Chose something you know you will stick with.


Step 8: Get Proper Sleep

·         Cortisol is a major hormone and if it is high, sleep is impossible. It is our stress hormone and in today’s world, our job pressures, financial concerns, multitasking, and high-pressured lifestyles trigger cortisol all the time.

·         Cortisol is highly sensitive to light. You must sleep in complete darkness. Even the smallest light can raise your cortisol levels, interfering with your sleep, because cortisol regards light as meaning that it is still time to be active.

·         It is essential to go to bed two to three hours before midnight so your body can do its healing work. The National Institutes of Health conclude that six hours of prolactin production in the dark is the minimum necessary to maintain immune function like T-cell and beneficial killer-cell production. You can’t get six hours of prolactin secretion on six hours of sleep a night because it takes at least three and a half hours of melatonin secretion before the pituitary hormone prolactin is released.

·         There are ways to retrain your body to sleep. From sunset on, dim the lights in your house or light candles to lower cortisol.

·         Taking melatonin supplementation can be helpful; you can also wear a non-drug sleep patch created with nanotechnology that puts nothing into your system; it reflects the infrared light conducted by our bodies and triggers our cells to create what is needed.