Understand  Skin Color

How come we have different skin colors. ?

The color of the skin is determined by the amount of melanin which is the pigment of our skin. The purpose of melanin is to protect our skin from the harming effects of the ultraviolet radiation in the sun light.

Humans evolved from apes about five million years ago. At that time all humans lived in the african continent in the middle of a very thick jungle. Early humans had pale white skin covered with thick hair. Therefore all humans had white pale skin like that of chimpanzees for four million years. After three and a half million years  there was a huge drought and the thick jungle turned into open spaces. At that time humans had to adapt to living in open spaces and they were eposed to the heat of the sun. They had to adapt to that by losing the hair and developing sweating. In addition to that they had to develop a dark skin color to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Gradually all humans became black skinned and this period lasted for about eighty thousand years.

From the above scientific facts it becomes obvious that skin color is a response to the environment. This is why all the patients who wants to stay fair has to stay away from sun as well as warm places.  In India alone people spend about 20 billion dollars annually to make their skin white. The reason is that fair skin is considered more beautiful by many people in asia. Most actors and actresses in the hindi movies are fair. In addition to that when white people took over India the people begun to look upon the white skin as a superior skin.  In most countries in the world women are considered prettier when they are fairer.

In the indian society most wealthy people spend their day within homes and have a fairer complexion.  Poorer people who have to spend more time outside tend to have darker complexion due to their exposure to the sun. Therefore the whiter skin is considered a sign of being rich.  People in Britain had the same belief. 

Today we use Glutathione tablets, injections, night creams to make our patients fair. We also use laser treatments to help with skin lightening. Laser treatments also help to remove pigmentations of the facial skin and to obtain a beautiful uniform skin color. Regularly continued laser treatments are the best way to stay looking young for a very long time.  It has also been noted with recent studies that saying on a plant pased diet actually helps to get a better skin.  It was further shown that natural glutathione levels of the body increases with a plant based diet and animal based diet actually decreases the levels of glutathione in the body.  This is also presumed to be the reason that people live about ten years longer if they stay on a vegan diet. 

What becomes obvious from all of the above is when a person strives to look beautiful and younger they also get health benefits and antiaging effects which are priceless.