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Calories In Food

Find out how much calories you need for a day by going to this website


If you food item is in Kilojoules Multiply the number of kjs by 0.239

1 kjs = 0.239 Calories
320 kjs =76.48


Food Item Grains                                                                                                             Calories

Bread 100g 342
Gabanzos One Cup Cooked 269
Mung Beans One Cup 212
Rice Medium Grain White one cup cooked 242

Food Item Fruits                                                                                                             Calories

banana large 162
Avocado One Medium Size 145G 248
bananas medium 86
Date One pitted 23
Dates one cup pitted (173 gms) 501
Dates One date 23
Guava one fruit medium 4oz 45
Mango 135
Papaya medium sized 119
Papaya One Cup 55
Pineapple one medium sized 236

Food Item Vegetables                                                                                                      Calories

Beetroot boiled half cup 37
Brinjal Curry 100 grams of Brinjal 56
Coconut Grated 1 oz (28 Grams) 80
Dhal curry made from one cup 102
Dhal one Oz 38
Gotukola salad from 100G  40
Green Beans One Serving 70
kangkun stir fried 150 grams 120
Okra Curry 100 grams 50