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Cosmetic Surgery vs Plastic Surgery.html
Cavitation for weight loss.html
Tumescent Liposuction.html
How to lose weight.html
Stubbon Fat How to lose it
Low Calorie Vegetable to be Eaten daily to lose weight
Use Visualization to lose weight
Why Vegan Diet is the best diet in the world
Prevent biggest killer diseases with the vegan diet
Myths about vegetarianism
Most Doctors are ignorent about nutrition
Humans are natural plant eaters
Scientific Article About Problems with Animal Food
Dangers of Milk Products Facts
Acne From Hormones
Spices with Indstrial Dyes.html
Skin Damage Caused by Alcohol
Stress Management.html
Weight loss pill xenical (Orlistat, Ali) has serious side effects
Benzoyl Peroxide Can Age you faster
Bad Nutrition is the cause of mental illness
Causes of Death in the World
Most sugar substitutes are not healthy. Sucralose is unhealthy as well.
Article on Glutathione from Dr Mark Hyman
Glutathione Scientific Research
Melatonin For Antiaging
Problems with Nutrasweet (Aspartame). All the studies and links.
Prevent Alzheimers with Nimal Diet
Silicone Injections Can be Dangerous
Threadlift problems.html
High Fructose Corn Syrup has mercury
Calcium increases risk of dying early
Olive Oil Protects against Alzheimers
Sugar Causes High Blood Pressure
Smart Lipo Not so Smart
Cure Cancer with Gerson Therapy
Ten Steps to Cure Cancer
Superbugs in the food supply has increased
Angelina Joline Loses Her Breasts.html
Another Reason Why Sugar is bad
Ionized Water is a Hoax
Nimal Diet is better than taking cholesterol medicine for anybody
The most beautiful face
Top Soil Degradation
Alzheimers increased by early retirement
Breast Milk makes more intelligent children
Not good to take Multivitamin with Iron
Alcohol consumption in teens increase breast cancer
Fructose is a slow acting Poisen
What is in the Meat
Coconut Oil is the best oil on earth
Fish is not healthy for you
Cavitation for fat removal
Deep Vein Thrombosis or Venous thromboembolism
HDL Cholesterol What you need to know about it
Irradiated food is not safe
Safety of Tumescent Liposuction
We all need Extra Magnesium.html
B12 Essential for antiageing
Cadmium in Srilankan Rice is alarming
Doctors lack Education about nutrition
Guava is one of the best fruits to eat
Dont eat Canola Oil Coconut Oil is the best
Tea contains Fluoride.html
Vitamin K2 Essential for Antiageing
Toxic Chemicals Disrupting our Hormones
Glyphosate is not safe
Button Mushrooms Are good for your health
Thundergod Vine for Rheumatoid arthritis is the best treatment
Running is not so healthy
Gastric Reflux
Antioxidant Network for Antiaging
Doctors cannot be arrested in Sri Lanka without consulting the Attorney General
Mercury contamination much higher than previously thought
Iodine is very important for antiaging
Hospital errors can kill you
How Food Industy Destroy Health Of Children Read all four pages.
Ebola Virus Facts
Verbal Abuse Are you a victim.
Acne Prevention Kitawan Diet
 Sugar Kills According to Experts
Teenagers die from Western medicine more than illegal drugs
Zika Virus
Mold Issues
Coffee is safe
Cure Diabetes
Vitamin D3 Deficiency linked to Autism
Dengue Fever
Toxic Skin Whitening Creams to be avoided.
Processed Foods Cause Cancer.html
Plant based diet for a better life
What causes cancer and how to prevent it.html
Sleep for better health
Antiageing Secrets
Alcohol facts
Gut Health


Fat or Flab.html

Learn how to count calories for successful weight loss or maintenance.

Dangers of skin lightening creams.


Mircowaving food is really bad for health.
Low Methionine Key to Antiaging.html

Suzanne Somers eight steps to wellness.html

Cosmetic Surgery fat grafting helps facial trauma victims

Risk Associated with General Anesthesia:

A teenager died from general anesthesia.
1/10000 people die from general anesthesia due to complications.

An article from
Side effects of General Anesthesia a case from Colombo Sri Lanka

Obesity causes Cancer

Over 100000 deaths are caused annually in USA by cancer directly related to obesity

Gastric Bypass Surgery is Very Risky A case

Beuatician Dies in Sri Lanka After Obesity surgery
University Professor in Sri Lanka dies from Gastric Bypass Surgery

Anabolic Steriod Abuse is a Silent problem affecting many well to do kids in Sri Lanka who are not well informed. Read this report from NIH USA.

People who have osteoarthritis in their families should know this essential preventive information. Please click here
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