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Anti-aging Laser

Laser photofacial is the only anti aging treatment in the world.  Carbon dioxide resurfacing has been recognized as the biggest breakthrough in antiaging treatments in the recent times. Carbon dioxide laser uses small microscopic laser beams and takes off a small percentage of the treated skin.

We use medical grade Intense pulse light energy which is capable of higher energies.
Visible light wave length 500nm-1200nm is used in intense pulse light.
We use longer wave lengths since shorter wave lengths are damaging to the Asian Skin. This treatment provides an average of 70 percent improvement in the signs of sun damage (redness, brown spots, etc). This also improves wrinkles, pore size and flushing. 

Radiofrequency treatments help to provide skin tightening and new collagen formation. Skin tightening can be specially noted under the eyes.

Radiofrequency can be used to tighten the skin in other areas as well.  The picture below shows results obtained in the loose skin under the arms .

The complete skin program for immediate, visible and long lasting results, photofacial using the visibile light combined with radiofeqeuncy and carbon dioxide resurfacing provides all of the above results. Combination of lasers in one treatment provides augmentation of all the results. This augmentation  has been proven with many medical studies.  Combination laser treatment  removes the ugly brown and red areas caused by too much circulation as well as pigmentation in the skin. For somebody who has never used these treatments we recommend doing three treatments once a month. It can be done in about fifteen minutes.

The light waves comes with different wave lengths which can be used to remove unwanted hair and veins, as well. Please ask us if you have these specific needs. Below is a very remarkable improvement obtained for antiaging and pigmentation with three laser treatments and three months of day cream and night cream use.

The patient got rid of most of her skin pigmentation and got a remarkable lift of her face. She also got tightening of her skin in the neck and chin with more definition of her jaw lines. Lift is most noticeable at the corner of her mouth.


Here are the pictures of the same patient from the front.

Antiageing laser is ideal to obtain a younger look. In this photo pigmentation of the skin has been removed and the skin has got it's sheen back. It is recommended to be performed monthly for three treatments and then once in six months for the maintenance.

Above treatment shows improvement of the skin color tone and fine wrinkles as well as excessive redness from the capillaries.

Above picture shows improvement of the skin following five treatments.

There are contraindications for IPL laser treatments which include

Excessively tanned or fragile skin, current or previous history of skin cancer or premalignant moles, Metal or other metal implants of the treatment area (for radiofrequency) Immunosuppressive diseases, Isotretinoin during past six months, Tetracycline within past two weeks, Light stimulated diseases and bleeding coagulopathies. Dr Nimal Gamage will perform a medical exam prior to the treatments to ensure safety of the patient  and suitability of the proper laser treatment and proper parameter based on skin types and ethnicity.

Side effects are commoner with darker skin and happen most commonly due to inexperience of the doctor with darker skin types. Dr Gamage has extensive laser experience of many years. He has treated thousands of patients with darker skin as well as thousands of other skin types.  Side effects include skin burns, blistering, crusting, hypo and hyperpigmentations, swelling and reddening. Most sides effects only last for a few weeks at most. 

Does laser cause cancer?

In Sri Lanka people are scared of laser for absolutely no reason. I get this question from Sri Lankans all the time. When I was in USA nobody has asked me this question. Laser does not cause cancer because it uses non-ionizing radiation. The United States Department of Labor defines non-ionizing radiation as "a series of energy waves composed of oscillating electric and magnetic fields traveling at the speed of light." This type of radiation produces intense heat but does not cause cell mutation. In fact, non-ionizing radiation surrounds us every day. Sources of this type of radiation include visible light, power lines, cellular phones and many household appliances.