About Dr. Gamage

Dr. Nimal Gamage MBBS, MD is
a member of the World Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons. While he was in USA he was a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons. His extensive post graduate training includes specialties of General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Cosmetic Surgery. He is board certified in Internal Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine. In USA, he has performed over 11000 liposuction procedures, 1500 facial fat grafting, 1300 breast fat grafting and 1300 buttock fat grafting procedures without any malpractice. In addition to that he has performed hundreds of mini face lifts, tummy tucks (Avelar technique under local anesthesia) mini tummy tucks, arm tucks, body lifts and thigh tucks. He is working full time in Sri Lanka since 2009 and has performed many surgeries without any mortality or morbidity.  His focus is overall health of his patients. He is a world expert on antiageing and nutrition. Following his recommendations patients are able to cure and prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension,  autoimmune diseases and many other diseases. His programs are the best for skin lightening treatments using natural methods and to cure skin pigmentations and other skin diseases like vitiligo, acne, melasma etc.

 Dr Gamage is a member of World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.  He was trained by Dr Roger Amar who is the father of FAMI fat grafting technique, Dr Angelo Cuzalina who is the current president of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons, Dr Guillermo Blugerman who has introduced new and innovative techniques of liposculpting and fat grafting. These doctors consider Dr Nimal Gamage to be a collegue with extensive experience in liposculpting and fat grafting. His MBBS Sri Lanka certificate can be found here (In English). His current Sri Lanka Medical Council Card can be found here. He is currently retired but is available for phone consultations regarding skin whitening, acne treatment, weight loss treatments and for diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and cancer as well as many chronic diseases during week days between 8:30 and 5:30.
If you like to know the difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery you can read it here.

 Dr Nimal Gamage MBBS, MD  made his money in USA and came to Sri Lanka to provide a  service to his community. He has done extensive research in nutrition and is currently writing a book on nutrition for Sri Lankans.  Most of his treatments use antioxidants, herbs and natural treatment methods. They offered at a very reasonable price. His antiageing program as well as programs to cure diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease have given new hope and excellent results to many patients. 

Moreno Valley Hospital ( Dr Nimal Gamage helped to build this hospital and helped them to obtain JCAHO accreditation. )
 Dr Gamage sold his ownership interests of Moreno Valley hospital later. 
In April 2009 he decided to leave to Sri Lanka for his retirement and work with his MBBS license and practiced cosmetic surgery and laser until 2014 August.  After that his practice is limited to non surgical cosmetic treatments and phone consultations. Today thousands o patients have cured their chronic diseases thanks to his natural treatments and got relief from hair loss, skin diseases and other ailments. He still provides all services other than surgery and laser.  

This is the statement of Dr Nimal Gamage
Behind all successful people you can always find unsuccessful people with a lot of professional jealousy. My advice to them is that the jealousy and anger only harms the person who holds them. I only have kindness and compassion towards them.  Thousands of patients who came for my services already know that I provide them with the best of my services with kindness and compassion.  Why I hate to take my patients to a hospital is explained in detail here.  Hospital is the place where most patients die.  In USA cosmetic surgeons practice out of outpatients settings with a much higher safety profile than in hospital settings.  Hospitals and hospital doctors are full of killer germs resistant to multiple antibiotics.  In addition to that hospitals do not provide the confidentiality and secrecy of a private clinic.  I only practiced in Sri Lanka after notifying my intention to the Medical Council who has the final authority over all MBBS doctors in Sri Lanka.  Here is a copy of their letter to the Sri Lankan Courts certifying that I can practice cosmetic surgery.