Mini Facelift

As you get older the neck, chin and jowl regions start to get lax. Sometimes this happens before the rest of the face. If you are lucky enough to start rejuvenating lasers as early as possible in your life you can prevent this from happening for many years. Otherwise your best option is to do a Mini-Facelift. This surgery is combined with removing of the fat from the chin, neck lower face and jowls and subdermal laser tightening. It is done entirely after local anesthesia. Therefore no risk to your life. Patients are able to go home the same day and return to work next day. Results can be remarkable. The stitches mostly are kept under the skin and only the ends of the stitches are removed in ten days. Rest of the stitch stays under the skin to ensure formation of a good scar without hypertrophy or keloid.

Above is a patient on the day of stitch removal. The scar is barely visible and continues to get softer.

Above is the same patient on the day of stitch removal. A fair amount os skin tightening can be noted in the lower face with softening of the marionnette line and more defined jaw line. Wrinkles are significantly improved in the under the chin region.

There are many other kinds of facelifts. These include subcutaneous lift, Supra SMAS lift (Hoefflin), SMAS lift (Scogg) Short Flap Facelift, (Webster),  Short scar facelift (S lift) Deep plane lift, Composite lift, Subperiosteal lift, Volumetric face lift and Threadlift.

Current recommendations are these

For a Jowl and Midface Laxity ONLY S lift which is the miniface lift as described above. SMAS plication is performed for a longer lasting result. (Stitching of the underlying aponeurotic tissue)

Jowl midface and neck laxity perform a S lift with Neck Lift

Volume deficit of chin and cheek perform a contour lift.

Currently the best way to rejuvenate an ageing face include a combination of three Rs.

1. Restore with fat transferring. Dr Nimal Gamage has performed over 1200 fat transfers to the face as of Sep 2011.  The entire face including face and the temporal regions can be lifted with the facial rejuvenation.

2. Redrape  where needed with S lift or Slift with neck lift

3. Resurface with laser technologies. Dr Nimal Gamage provides you with CO@ fractionated laser, IPL with radio frequency and diode laser combinations for facial skin rejuvenation with removal of pigmentation and scars.