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We keep complete confidentiality of the patient information. We would not divulge patients information even to a close family member. We believe that it is the right of the patient to keep their medical information private and confidential. We make no exceptions when it comes to this rule. Patients can speak to our models and talk to them about their experiences and see their results when they come to the office.

Safety: A study several years ago in a major peer reviewed plastic surgery journal demonstrated a 1/5000 mortality rate from liposuction under general anesthesia. When liposuction is performed properly under purely local anesthesia there have been no mortality. Now I have performed over 10000 cases without any mortality. Mortality associated with tumescent anesthesia only occurred when the tumescent anesthesia was combined with General Anesthesia and other sedatives. Having said that all patients will be given preoperative examination and laboratory studies for risk stratification. In addition to being a cosmetic surgeon I am a cardiologist and an Internist with Board Certification in Internal Medicine. (General Medicine Specialist). I would be keeping detailed medical records using my own computerized medical records system for the benefit of patients. I have listed here a Web MD article which reviews the excellent safety of the local anesthesia when used for liposuction. When General Anesthesia is used to perform liposuction there is a higher risk to your life with longer downtime and much more pain during recovery.

Recovery: The proper infiltration of the local tumescent anesthesia prior to surgery helps to hydro dissect (loosen with water) the fatty tissue. It also allows much more pure fat removal with far less bleeding. In addition, the surgeon can operate in the fat layer to avoid unnecessary trauma to muscle and other tissue. This results in faster recovery with less bruising and discomfort. A bandage is worn over the area for a day with pads to collect the drainage from 2mm tiny incisions. This can be removed in 24 hours and the tiny incisions heal over the next two days and can be covered with a simple bandage.

Results: The ability to always position patients exactly is crucial to obtaining a perfectly sculpted, smooth result. It is imperative to never poke or jab or tent the skin from underneath as I feel this is the most common cause of irregularities, dents and ripples, as well as incomplete results. I only perform liposuction with purely local anesthesia for all the above listed benefits.